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    16 Husbands Who Made Their Spouses Go, "Yup, I Married Well"

    They make this marriage thing look easy.

    1. This husband, who leaves surprise love notes and relationship photos inside his wife's favorite books:

    2. This husband, who created a really touching tradition:

    3. This husband, who knew his wife was on the keto diet, so he brought her this:

    4. This husband-to-be, who loves his fiancé's pet like no other:

    5. This husband, who left this sweet note on top of his wife's daily to-do list:

    6. This husband, who sent his wife this love text:

    7. And this husband, who puts toothpaste on his wife's toothbrush when he brushes his teeth in the morning to make her day a little easier:

    8. This husband, who made his wife these heart-shaped eggs for breakfast:

    9. This husband, who got the music to his and his wife's wedding song tattooed on his body:

    10. This husband, who put his Photoshop skills to work to give his wife a compliment:

    11. This husband, who knew his wife was disappointed that she couldn't find any of her dog's lost teeth, so he found one for her:

    12. This husband — and father — who puts his artistic skills to work on his family's lunches:

    13. This husband, who is a pilot, and creatively wraps his spouse's gifts in old flight maps:

    14. This husband, who doesn't mind helping his wife blow-dry her hair:

    15. This husband, who made his Harry Potter–loving wife some Dobby latte art:

    16. And this husband, who texts what he means, and what he means is so very beautiful: