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    17 Husbands Who Made Their Spouses Go, "Yup, I Married Well"

    They make this marriage thing look easy.

    1. This husband, who leaves surprise love notes and relationship photos inside his wife's favorite books:

    2. This husband, who made his wife a pie with their initials on the crust:

    3. This husband, who created a really touching tradition:

    My husband has taken pride in what he’s dubbed “Fresh Flower Friday” and hasn’t missed a Friday in almost six years. He had rotator cuff surgery yesterday. I found this on our whiteboard this morning and he must have wrote it with his non dominant hand. It’s the best bouquet he’s ever given me. from MadeMeSmile

    4. This husband, who knew his wife was on the keto diet, so he brought her this:

    5. This husband-to-be, who loves his fiancé's pet like no other:

    My husband-to-be and my doggo have this great thing going on. from aww

    6. This husband, who left this sweet note on top of his wife's daily to-do list:

    7. This husband, who sent his wife this love text:

    8. And this husband, who puts toothpaste on his wife's toothbrush when he brushes his teeth in the morning to make her day a little easier:

    9. This husband, who made his wife these heart-shaped eggs for breakfast:

    10. This husband, who got the music to his and his wife's wedding song tattooed on his body:

    11. This husband, who put his Photoshop skills to work to give his wife a compliment:

    12. This husband, who knew his wife was disappointed that she couldn't find any of her dog's lost teeth, so he found one for her:

    13. This husband — and father — who puts his artistic skills to work on his family's lunches:

    14. This husband, who is a pilot, and creatively wraps his spouse's gifts in old flight maps:

    15. This husband, who doesn't mind helping his wife blow-dry her hair:

    16. This husband, who made his Harry Potter–loving wife some Dobby latte art:

    17. And this husband, who texts what he means, and what he means is so very beautiful:

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