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16 Moms Who Will Make Stay-At-Home Moms Laugh Quietly 'Cause The Baby's Sleeping

"I just want someone who can go to Target with me."

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1. This mom, who will need to make a few adjustments for this to work:

mamasteblog / Via

2. This mom, who is her kid's entertainment:

savannah_hiatt / Via

3. This mom, who is unapologetic about comfort:

The Crunchy Unicorn / Via Twitter: @Blond_Teacher

4. This mom, whose pet peeves have evolved a little:

Stephanie Sharp / Via Twitter: @sharp_singer

5. And this mom, who has real AF mom friend goals:

hannahrhobbs / Via

6. This mom, who learned a whole new language:

@r3b3lskum / Via Twitter: @r3b3lskum

7. This mom, who needs company for all the right reasons:

Because if a tree falls in the forest...
Maribeth Louise / Via Twitter: @mb_louise

Because if a tree falls in the forest...

8. This mom, who is definitely on auto-pilot these days:

Sara Henry / Via Twitter: @henrysara7

9. And this mom, who is going to get that minute alone if she has to take it:

melissamarieseeley / Via

10. This mom, who is definitely not Netflix n' chilling anymore:

chroniclesofbecki / Via

11. This mom, who has priorities:

TeacherProblems / Via Twitter: @Blond_Teacher

12. This mom, whose manicure just couldn't hold on:

The struggle is real.
nikki412 / Via

The struggle is real.


13. This mom, who has learned to strategize:

joy alexander / Via Twitter: @joylalexander

14. This mom, whose kid really wanted to help with the chores:

nikki412 / Via

15. This mom, who definitely set the record straight:

So she thinks...
TeacherProblems / Via Twitter: @Blond_Teacher

So she thinks...

16. And this mom, who is really just all of us:

HappyToddlerPlaytime / Via Twitter: @disasafiya