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    17 Pregnant Women Whose Day Is Going 1,000 Times Worse Than Yours Is

    They definitely didn't sign up for this.

    1. This pregnant woman, who wanted to shave, and then realized she couldn't see how:

    2. The pregnant woman, who accidentally left her prenatal vitamins in her car on a hot day:

    3. This pregnant woman, whose preggo tummy literally popped a button on her shirt:

    4. This pregnant woman, whose ankles betrayed her in a major way:

    5. This pregnant woman, who dropped one of her cards while playing Solitaire, and couldn't bend over to reach it:

    6. This pregnant woman, who forgot to add water to her shells and cheese, and burned them to a crisp:

    7. This pregnant woman, who had to literally plug her nose because she couldn't stand the smell of bread baking:

    8. This pregnant woman, who ate a powdered donut in dark clothes and paid the price:

    9. And this pregnant woman, who was looking forward to a nap, but found her pregnancy body pillow occupied...twice:

    10. This pregnant woman, who thought she put on the same shoes, but didn' a mile:

    11. This pregnant woman, who couldn't fit in her car because the car next to her parked so close:

    12. This pregnant woman, who remembered to put the food in the Crock-Pot, but forgot to plug it in:

    13. And this pregnant woman, who tried to make a waffle, but her pregnancy brain caused her to forget about it:

    14. This pregnant woman, who found out the hard way that summertime takes no mercy on pregnant women:

    15. This pregnant woman, who managed to get her rings off to find it left her swollen fingers like this:

    16. This pregnant woman, who dropped her cup of ice:

    17. And this pregnant woman, who dropped just about the only thing worse:

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