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15 Pregnant Women Whose Tattoos Will Make You Say, "Daaaaaaaamn!"

Girl, you make that ink look good.

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1. Like this Momma, who wears her beautiful bump like a total natural.

Instagram: @larubialocatattoo

She owns this and she knows it.

2. And this Momma who is preggo glam personified.

Instagram: @katrinafranchina

The fact that this woman exists is just unfair.

3. This Momma, who gives a mean maternity smize.

Instagram: @peace_love_beauty_777

4. And this Momma, who is just gracefully gorgeous AF.

Instagram: @briony_nicole

5. This Momma, who has the perfect amount of third trimester edge.

Instagram: @x_x_val_x_x

6. This Momma, who has definitely found her light.

Instagram: @ladyink84

7. This Momma, who's fierce AF and totally unbothered by it.

Instagram: @adrianaindeanakreckova

8. This Momma, who is giving you all the preggo pin-up slay you need in your life.

Instagram: @bretonvirginia

9. And this Momma, who's rockin' that beach bump like she's one with the sea.

Instagram: @mostlyjustannie

She might just have a mermaid in there.

10. This Momma, who's here to remind you that the pregnancy sex appeal is real.

11. And this Momma, who is giving major work of art vibes and I'm here for all of it.

Instagram: @tatialadyface

12. This Momma, whose smile says "I'm so sweet" but whose ink says "don't get too close, bud."

Instagram: @jaquelinejakjak

13. And this Momma, who is literally just "sitting pretty."

Instagram: @unbreakablejessica

14. This Momma, who is definitely going on tour after this.

Instagram: @amythest_trees

15. And this Momma, who is so fucking perfect it actually makes my eyes water.

Instagram: @squeeks810

Send Kleenex, please.

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