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17 Husbands Who Are Proof That You Can't Win Against A Pregnant Woman

At least it's just nine months, fellas.

1. This husband, who was looking forward to a little Netflix and chill:

drumsnstrums / Via

2. The husband at the end of this text, who has some shopping to do:

3. The husband who better not open this Tupperware:

raised901 / Via

4. This husband, who got a cold dose of reality:

Chris Pendleton / Via Twitter: @ChrisnotBritton

5. And the husband whose wife's pregnancy brain trickled down to his lunch:

franki743 / Via


6. This husband, who just got out of the doghouse:

7. This husband, who was left with no choice...literally:

schnazzynaz / Via

8. This husband, who is getting a crash course in preggo hormones:

9. This husband, who knew how to get back into his pregnant wife's good graces:

Ashley Goss / Via Twitter: @ms_mojoe

10. And this poor husband, who didn't:

crazycatladybex / Via

11. This husband, who learned a tough lesson:

Christopher Smith / Via Twitter: @TheLensLife

12. This husband, who didn't get to it first:

jordanp1227 / Via

13. This husband, who's gonna need a sweater:

merrickaiken / Via

14. And this husband, whose dreams crashed into reality:

Frothy Dad / Via Twitter: @FrothyDad

15. This husband, who gets the "best" of both worlds:

Christopher Grebe / Via Twitter: @IamAustinCG

16. This husband, who will never make this mistake again:

coreyjinman / Via

17. And this husband, who knows deep down that she loves him, too:

chris hooker / Via Twitter: @TheMrHooker