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    14 Photos That Prove Life Trolls The Shit Out Of Pregnant Women

    "Are you fucking kidding me?" - Every pregnant woman ever.

    1. This photo of a frustrating conundrum:

    tiana_edwardss / Via

    I feel for you, girl.

    2. This photo of a cringeworthy casualty:

    bresny19 / Via

    There's definitely crying over spilled ice.

    3. This photo of a pregnancy meal whose time was short:

    samijxoxo / Via

    4. And this photo of a perfect pregnancy nap that should've been yours:

    jessqjack / Via

    Seriously, dude?

    5. This photo of a pregnant woman an inch shy of the promised land:

    lisasierras / Via

    Fuck you, vending machine.

    6. This photo of a spill that will stay that way:

    ladylehmkuhl / Via

    7. This photo of a pregnant dream deferred:

    alvarado111416 / Via

    8. This photo of a craving that came a few hours too early:

    lindsayblackinton / Via


    9. And this photo of a parking job that means you'll be staying a while:

    candice_yvette / Via

    WTF, dude?

    10. This photo of a trash can that mysteriously moved to the other side of the street because, pregnancy:

    jaymemorris_ / Via

    11. This photo of a pregnant woman's journey ahead:

    clairly90 / Via


    12. This photo of a midnight snack that went rogue:

    m_proplesch / Via

    No, not the nuggets!

    13. This photo of a foreboding forecast:

    peace_love_happiness420 / Via

    14. And this photo of someone else's grave, grave mistake:

    randymetcalf / Via

    Say your prayers, dude. I think this is the end for you.

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