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    Updated on Jun 6, 2019. Posted on Jun 28, 2018

    19 Period Fails That'll Make You Chuckle And Cringe At The Same Time

    Every woman has a story. Or two.

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most embarrassing thing that happened to them on their period, and the responses were awkward and cringeworthy as hell:

    1. "I was in middle school and my mom had finally let me go to my first boy/girl party — a pool party. After swimming for a while, I got out of the pool to find that there were huge streaks of blood dripping down my legs, which were pointed out by none other than MY CRUSH."


    2. "I was in the restroom at work when I took out my Diva Cup to dump it and sneezed, spilling it everywhere!"

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    "It looked like a murder scene in there!"


    3. "My period has always been irregular, so most times, I don't know when it's coming. And one day, I was in the middle of my regular bikini waxing appointment when the waxer's face turned bright red, and she said, 'Excuse me, I think you have a situation down there.' I immediately left, half-waxed and embarrassed...and never came back again."


    4. "I thought I had discreetly changed my pad at my ex's house...until his dog went into the trash can, brought it out, and ate it."

    5. "I was 13 years old when I decided that it was a good idea to wear a heavy pad to a water park. Well, I was coming down a water slide and somehow my pad slipped out of my swim shorts...and followed me the whole way down the slide."


    6. "It was International Women's Day and I was feeling kickass, so I decided to use a tampon for the first time. But three hours later, I couldn't get it out. My mom frantically rushed me to the doctor's office where two doctors spent 45 minutes trying to remove it, with no luck. So they sent me to the ER, and the ER doctor took one look and called gynecology. The gynecologist arrived, sedated me, and tried YANKING the tampon out, but still couldn't. So the doctors had to put me COMPLETELY under. And there I was, knocked out, vagina fully exposed, with six people trying to figure out how to remove my tampon."


    "Eventually, they got it out. And all it took was five hours, eight doctors, and two rounds of anesthesia!"


    7. "My mother didn't drive, so my dad had to take me to buy pads. And just as I was standing at the end of the aisle thinking about what an amazing dad I had, he turned around and yelled, 'LAURA, ARE THESE THE PADS YOU NEED?! OR DO YOU NEED SUPER ONES?!' And when he saw how embarrassed I was, he lifted his leg and farted like a cartoon character."


    "20 years later, he still finds this story hilarious."


    8. "My boyfriend and I were fooling around at a hotel during my period, and decided to have sex on the toilet in the bathroom to avoid a mess. Well, it wasn't long before maintenance knocked on the door, saying there was a leak. They had to break the back of the toilet, and when they did, bloody water gushed out!"


    "I lied and said I cut my hand and still had to pay for the hotel repairs. Not to mention being told I couldn’t return to that hotel."


    9. "I was waitressing while on my period and had put a tampon in one of my apron pockets with my pens. Well, when I went to a table to take an order, I forgot which pocket was which and reached into the pocket with the tampon. When I whipped the pen out, THE TAMPON WENT FLYING and landed in front of the old man at the table. I quickly scooped it up, took the order, ran away, and avoided that table for the rest of the night."

    10. "I was in sixth grade, and we were choosing representatives for the spelling bee. It was my turn to spell, when I felt the sensation of my period coming, so I started throwing words on purpose so I could be eliminated. But my teacher knew I was spelling words wrong on purpose and KEPT GIVING ME MORE WORDS! After it was finally over, I went to the bathroom to find that I'd totally bled through my pants. I was so embarrassed that I went home for the day."


    "And the worst part was that my teacher made us have a big class discussion about periods when I came back to school. If nobody knew before, they all knew then!"


    11. "I had to buy my first box of tampons by myself because my father was too uncomfortable to come up to the counter with me and my mother thought they were 'a sin.'"


    12. "I was a high school basketball player, and had a particularly heavy flow one afternoon during a game. I remember jumping high in the air on defense, hitting the court hard, and the referee sending everyone to their benches moments later while they called in a person wearing hazmat gear...because my tampon had fallen out on the court. In the MIDDLE OF THE GAME."


    13. "I had only gotten my period recently, and didn't know how to use tampons. So when my mom handed me one to use, she explained, 'Putting one in is just like masturbating.' And that's the awkward way I learned how women get themselves off...from my mom."


    14. "I once had a bad period leak in middle school so I had to wear a pair of spare pants from the nurse that were FOUR SIZES TOO BIG. So there I was, walking around school in these giant clown pants for the rest of the day, and it was pretty obvious what had happened."

    15. "Being transgender and trying to stealthily change a tampon in the men's bathroom. I always find myself crinkling that tampon wrapper in the stall, praying all the other guys think I'm just a weirdo having a snack while pooping!"


    16. "In middle school, I refused to wear purses, so I shoved pads in my pockets instead. Well, one day in band class, when I went to sit down, my pocket ejected a pad onto the floor. I'd never seen so many 12-year-old boys jump out of the way at the same time!"

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    17. "Once in eighth grade my period was so heavy that I was terrified of leaking onto my chair, so I sat on my feet. Well, I forgot that I was wearing white shoes that day, and when class was over, I stood up to find that my shoes had turned completely brown from blood!"

    18. "I was staying overnight with a friend who only had enormous pads, so I used one of them. Well, a few hours later, her boyfriend came over with one of his friends, who I'd been crushing on HARD. We were doing some serious flirting throughout the night...until he grabbed my butt and got a handful of the MONSTROUS PAD I was wearing. We both completely froze, and then I wandered away to a hole to die."

    19. "When I first got my period, I called my mother at work, sobbing violently that I was dying. She came home laughing and handed me a 'Welcome to Womanhood' greeting card and a pack of Lip Smackers...which I tried to eat, because I was young...and obviously an idiot."



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    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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