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People Are Sharing The Moment They Knew Their Partner Was A "Keeper," And Honestly, It's Perfection

"Whenever we disagree, I worry that he'll leave because that's what my dad did. So he's sure to always say, 'I love you, and I'm not going anywhere.'"

We recently shared a Reddit post in which people shared their relationship green flags, and their stories were so heartwarming, touching, and real:


Well, of course, BuzzFeed readers shared when they knew they had a "keeper" in the comments section, and they were just as awesome:

1. "I was about to buy one of those gimmicky baking pans that make all of the brownies edge pieces, when I remembered that my boyfriend always ate the middle ones. So I asked him if he really hated the edge pieces because I really wanted to buy the pan, and he told me to go ahead because — as it turned out — he liked edge pieces better, too! He'd noticed early on that I always ate the edge pieces, so he ate the middle ones so I could have them."


"He did it without me even knowing it was for me, just because he knew it made me happy. I bought the brownie pan, and I married the guy."


2. "Right after I got my wisdom teeth taken out, I asked the doctor something that sounded like, 'wherewjalxakd iuuusse and lad staagaun.' The doctor just looked at my boyfriend, confused, and he translated perfectly, 'She wants to know when she can use a straw again.' I looked at him, shocked, wondering how the hell he understood what I said — I didn't even understand what I said! That's when I knew."


3. "I once had a boyfriend who was embarrassed by me at every turn, and once when we were shopping, I heard a song on the store radio that I liked, so I did a little foxtrot down the aisle. Well, when I turned around, my boyfriend was gone. I looked for him for 30 minutes, and then I went outside to see that the car was gone, too! That jerk had just left me at the grocery store, and wouldn't even answer the phone when I called..."

"Well, later, I was dating a new guy, and we happened to be at the exact same store when the exact same song came on, and I resisted the urge to dance. But to my delighted surprise, my new guy swept me up into his arms and danced with me. That's when I knew he was the one. And 15 years later, we still dance in the store together."


4. "When my partner and I disagree on something, I always end up thinking, 'He doesn't love me and he's going to leave,' because that's what my dad used to do. So when we have a disagreement, he makes sure to say, 'I still love you, and I'm not going anywhere.'"


"It immediately soothes me, and we’re able to discuss the problem at hand."


5. "When I first met my now-husband, I noticed that animals gravitate to him, and not just pets — once, we were sitting in a park, and a flock of young ducks wandered over and circled around him, one even climbing on his leg. This happens all the time — dogs, cats, birds, squirrels. He's like a Disney princess! I figured if they trusted him, I should, too."

"Twenty years later now, and I was right."


6. "I've been dating my boyfriend for seven months, and I've noticed he brings a jacket everywhere — not because he needs it, but in case I get cold."


7. "We had a major blizzard that left my backyard filled with so much snow that my dogs couldn't use it anymore. Well, one day, while I was in the shower, my boyfriend shoveled paths for my dogs to run along, and I came outside to see him running along with them."



8. "My fiancé and I had been dating a little over a month when I realized I needed to go to residential eating disorder treatment. I tried to break up with him since I wouldn't really be able to see him, and he asked me if that's what I really wanted. I said, 'No,' because I really liked him. And he said, 'OK, let's not do that then.' And when I got to treatment, he knew I wasn't ready to talk to him yet, so he just texted me 'Goodnight' every day..."

"I finally started texting back after a few weeks, and he came to visit me every weekend for about three months. It’s been over two years since then and he’s supported me through getting healthy and through my depression. We’re getting married next year!"


9. "Once there was a spider in my room, and I went, 'Ugh, kill it!' My boyfriend replied, 'Nah, he's alright,' and he scooped the spider up and popped him outside. I've never killed another spider since, and it made me love him, too."


10. "My best friend was home from Australia with her 6-year-old for the first time in years, and my new boyfriend and I went out to lunch with them. Well, her son wasn't in the greatest mood, and had been restless and upset since the moment we sat down. So my boyfriend asked if he could take him across the road to the playground for a little while so she and I could catch up. It was so thoughtful, and he and my friend's son really bonded that day, too!"


11. "I told my now-husband that I was bipolar very early on in our relationship. A few days later, he asked me a very detailed question about how my mood swings manifest. I looked at him, questioningly, and he said, 'I did a lot of research online, and I know it's important.' Melted my heart right then and there."


12. "Whenever I'm having a rough time with something, she asks me, 'How can I support you right now?' After being with fairly unsupportive partners in the past, just knowing that whatever happens, she's going to have my back has been one of the most amazing gifts of the whole relationship."


13. "We were hanging out with my new boyfriend's best friend when I showed him a new ring I was wearing that my mom had gotten for me. Well, that night I had a bad alcohol combination, and I ended up getting super sick in his friend's car. My boyfriend carried me into the house and sat on the bathroom floor with me — and while I was violently throwing up, the ring my mom gave me fell into the toilet. He reached in to get it, and even cleaned it off for me, because he knew it was special."


"The next day, I apologized so many times, but he wasn't upset in the slightest. Three years later, we are happily married, and he still takes the best care of me when I'm sick."


14. "I'm very introverted, and a normal week in the office is exhausting. Well, since my boyfriend and I live together, I don't get a lot of alone time, and he respects that I need it. So he'd go out with friends on Friday nights so I could recharge."

—BuzzFeed User

15. "My wife and I met during our first year of college, and I had been dealing with insomnia for months. I couldn't fall asleep without medication, and even then, it was difficult to sleep through the night. Well, my wife and I had started a sort of 'friends with benefits' relationship, and the first night she slept over was the first time I fell asleep without medication AND slept through the night. I realized the next morning that I was falling in love with her."

"Now, almost a decade later, we are married with a beautiful daughter and a son. I can't imagine my life without her in it. And I don't want to."


16. "I could tell my boyfriend was different when my cat — who is extremely afraid of strangers — began begging for his attention. I've even dated hardcore cat people before, and she was afraid, but she very quickly approved of this one. I think she's telling me he's a good pick."


17. "He noticed I needed my wipers changed once while I was pumping gas, and the next day, he bought the wipers and replaced them without me ever knowing that needed to be done. That's when I knew he would take care of me in all the big and little ways."


18. "During my freshman year, I had a paper due in a class I was struggling in. I finished late the night before it was due, only to find that the computer lab wouldn't be open to print it until after it was due. So I'd have to find a Kinko's, travel there and back, and get my paper turned in all before a final exam for another class the next day. I was so tired and stressed that I called my now-husband — who was at home across town — sobbing..."


"He calmed me down, told me to send him the paper and get some sleep, and that he would be there in the morning to help me find a place to print it. He wasn't, though — instead, he was there at 3 a.m., dropping my printed paper off with the security guard at the front desk with a candy bar and a note that said, 'You got this. I love you.' And I later found out he didn't have bus fare to get to me and back, so he walked two miles home, in the middle of the night. I could only think, 'Oh, I'm keeping this one.'"


Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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