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    People Are Revealing The Moment They'd Found "The One," And I'm Literally In Tears

    "I knew when I said, 'Greek mythology is sexy,' and he responded by promising to read the entirety of the Iliad to me, one chapter at a time."

    We recently shared a series of posts in which people shared the moment they knew their partner was a keeper (see them here and here), and they made us swoon like we've never swooned before:


    Well, our readers shared their own "the moment I knew" stories in the comments section, and they are worth every single "aww":

    1. "My boyfriend and I started getting serious a few months after my mom passed away. One day, I mentioned in passing how my mom used to braid my hair in different ways β€” even when I was in my twenties β€” because I could never figure it out. Well, a few weeks later, my boyfriend asked me if he could braid my hair because he had been watching YouTube tutorials. That's when I knew."


    2. "We had officially been together for a few weeks when I decided to have the conversation I always stressed about β€” that when I was 16, I was told that the likelihood of me carrying a child to term was slim to none. This had been a deal breaker for a few guys I had dated before, so I didn't want to waste his time. But he responded, 'We'll get them how we're supposed to. Whether we adopt or by some miracle we have biological children, they'll be ours.

    "I knew then that we were in this together, no matter what life had planned for us. Almost six years later, we’re happily married, and after two pregnancy losses, we had a rainbow girl and are expecting a rainbow boy any day."


    3. "I realized I was in love with him when I said, 'Greek mythology is sexy,' and he responded by promising to read the entirety of the Iliad to me, one chapter at a time."


    4. "My now-husband told me that he knew a while ago when we were out shopping and grabbed some sub sandwiches. The sub I bought was too big for me, and I was trying to open my mouth as wide as possible to stuff as much of it into my mouth as I could when he suddenly started laughing.


    "When I looked at him, he said, 'You know, I just realized how much I love you. This really stunning girl just walked by, and then I turned around and looked at you, and there you were, eating that sandwich like a velociraptor. And I thought, She's still the only one for you. That is love."


    5. "I knew when β€” after we had sex for the first time β€” he paused and said, 'Ten points to Gryffindor!' then gave me a high five."


    6. "I like to sleep with my feet uncovered, and one night as I was dozing off with a blanket wrapped around my feet, my boyfriend noticed and pulled the blanket off them before he got into bed. He thought I was already asleep and wanted to make sure I was comfortable."


    7. "I have never worn makeup, but I was deciding if I wanted to for our wedding. My fiancΓ© said that he supported whatever I decided but that 'I fell in love with you without makeup, and I'd kind of like to marry you the same way.'


    "In a world where anyone should choose to look how they want to, he had the perfect answer."


    8. "My brother passed away from cancer on the other side of the state, and I went home to be with my family for a week. On the day of the funeral, my boyfriend showed up with his mom β€” they had driven five hours for the funeral, then another five hours back right afterward because he still had to work that night. My mom turned to me and said, 'You better keep this one!' We've been married 19 years next month."


    9. "I gained a lot of weight during my senior year of college due to a blossoming thyroid disorder and many, many beers. Well, right before our senior formal, I realized the dress I bought only a month prior didn't fit by a FEW sizes. So my husband took me out an hour before the dance to three different stores β€” and he even ran ahead to each store to set up a dressing room for me!

    "We eventually found a dress in my new size, and 20 years and four kids later, I love him like the day we met, and he's loved me at every size along the way."


    10. "My roommate had eaten all of my raspberries that I was saving for my oatmeal, and my boyfriend knows that raspberries are the only berry I eat on my oats. So he transited three hours just to drop off raspberries for the next morning's oatmeal, and made sure to label them as mine before putting them in the fridge."


    11. "I had a 3-year-old daughter from a previous relationship that ended before she was born. Well, my now-husband and I were having dinner with her fairly early in our relationship when she looked at him and asked if he was her daddy. I panicked inside and thought that would be the end, but he just smiled at her and said, 'Not yet.'

    "We got married a year later, and he adopted her shortly after that. He’s the only dad she’s ever known."


    12. "The morning after the first time I slept at my boyfriend's house, he offered me coffee. I told him that coffee gave me heartburn and I only drink tea in the morning. Well, the next time I went to his house, he showed me five different types of tea he bought for me. And a few weeks later, I sat down at his computer to check the news, and I saw a document open called, 'Things my love likes...'

    "It was a very organized list of fruits, vegetables, soft drinks, tea, sweets, and everything in between that I've told him I liked since we began talking. He's amazing."


    13. "When he took me to the jewelry store to look at rings, I was on my period and I bled out β€” for the first time in my life β€” onto the nice yellow upholstered chair. As I was freaking out later for the umpteenth time, he called it my 'blood diamond' and we belly-laughed! That's when I knew he was my man."

    14. "My boyfriend and I had only been together for four months when my three kids and I got a terrible case of the flu. I had a 105-degree fever and could barely get out of bed, and my boyfriend β€” who hadn't even met my kids yet β€” picked up medicine, food, drinks, and even little toys to keep the kids happy. He even figured out a sneaky way to give my 5-year-old his medicine, by mixing Tamiflu with a melted Popsicle.

    "I knew without a doubt, this was the man who would complete our family."


    15. "I was a divorced mother of three girls under age 8. Well, two months after I met my now-husband, he gave me a large envelope to give to them. I looked inside and found a Mother's Day card for them to give to me, along with some money for them to buy me a present. The girls loved it, I loved it, and we've been a happy family for 20 years."



    16. "I once started vomiting while I was driving, and I'm emetophobic β€” which means I have an extreme fear of vomiting. Well, my boyfriend β€” who was in the passenger seat β€” put his hand on the wheel to steady the car, grabbed a napkin from my glove box to wipe my face, and verbally calmed me down when an anxiety attack set in. And when we got to his house, he went to get cleaning supplies to help me clean up my car. I think I want to be with him forever."


    And finally, a story someone shared about their parents, which will melt you just the same as the others:

    17. "I remember the time my mom's hands started to feel dry and itchy while she was washing the dishes. My dad asked what was wrong, and she said that the soap she was using was causing that itchiness. So my adorable and lovable father went on a hunt for the best dish soap ever made β€” and when he found it, he bought it and left it on the counter for my mom, with hand cream and a note.


    "Ever since then, he's been buying that soap for her. And when he can't afford it, he washes the dishes for her until he can buy another bottle. Love does exist, but you have to look closely."


    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.