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    17 Parents Who Didn't Expect To Be Geniuses But Here We Are

    These parents have it all figured out.

    1. This mom, who attached snaps to her kid's socks to keep pairs together in the washing machine:

    2. This dad, who uses his ice tray to help with his kid's dinnertime:

    3. This mom, who used a balloon to make Barbie a swim cap so her wet hair wouldn't drip all over the floor:

    4. This dad, who figured out how to keep his family from using his Netflix:

    Everyone at home kept watching Netflix using my profile. Messed up all my lists and history... so I renamed “Dad” to “Install Windows Updates Now.” Problem solved.

    5. This mom, who discovered that a shoe organizer makes a great snack organizer:

    6. This dad, who really needed a nap, so he had his kids draw him while he slept to keep them out of trouble:

    7. This mom, who used her kid's wagon to bring in all the groceries at the same time:

    8. And this dad, whose daughter's hair tie broke, so he got creative with a coffee stopper:

    9. This mom, who used craft time with her kiddos to make herself a lipstick holder:

    10. This dad, who uses his thermos for really creative purposes:

    Why does my dad use this nice ass thermos TO KEEP HIS BURRITOS WARM

    11. This mom, who discovered that her kid's string cheese makes a great wine cork:

    12. This dad, whose daughter wanted to play Barbies, so he parked them at the "drive-in:"

    13. This mom, who discovered that a wipes container top can work as an outlet cover, too:

    14. This dad, who stuck a straw in his kid's yogurt tube so they didn't make a mess squeezing it:

    15. This mom, who uses her kid's baby links as wine charms:

    16. And this dad, who uses the baby bottle drying rack for his wine glasses:

    17. And, lastly, this mom, who knows the best place to hide her snacks so her kids won't find them — the dishwasher: