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    People Are Revealing Their "He's A Keeper" Stories, And Y'all Found Some Really Good Ones

    "I knew he was The One when he surprised me with an item from a local bakery he saw me 'like' on Instagram."

    We recently shared a series of posts in which people shared the moment they knew their partner was "The One" (see them here, here, and here), and they made us swoon, get teary-eyed, and go, "I want THAT!"


    Well, our readers continued to chime in with their own swoonworthy stories, and they touched us just as much as the others:

    1. "I had the feeling I'd found The One when I had been liking items from the local bakery on Instagram, and an hour later, one of them was delivered to me by bicycle from my boyfriend. He'd noticed I liked it on Instagram and went out of his way to pick it up on his way home!"


    "I love him more every day."


    2. "We had been dating for a few months when one night, some kids nearby set off firecrackers that sounded like gunshots, and he threw himself on top of me and my dog. He didn't even think twice — it was his pure instinct to protect us. I married him."


    3. "Four months into our relationship, I had gained a lot of 'new relationship weight,' and I was feeling terrible about myself. So I broke down and opened up to him about my long, tumultuous relationship with my body — and after listening and comforting me, he emphasized that he loves me as I am and would support me in any way he can. Then he offered to help me meal-prep all of my meals for the next three months...and he didn't skip a single week!"

    "Over two years later, we’re still sappy love birds, and I know that he’ll face anything with me."


    4. "I knew my fiancé was the one when I was upset about something and apologized for being upset, due to years of trauma from a past relationship. His immediate response was to tell me I'm allowed to feel how I feel, and that while he may not always agree or understand, he would always respect it."


    5. "On our third date, we went back to his place after a night of drinking, and he put on The Lion King. He knew every word to every song, even the one where Timon uses Pumbaa as bait to distract the hyenas! That's when I knew he was a keeper."


    6. "I got a call during finals week of my junior year of college that my grandmother — who I was very close to — was in the hospital, and that she was not going to make it through the weekend. My boyfriend dropped everything, paid for a rental car, and drove me five hours across four states so I could say, 'Goodbye.'"

    "And when we were there, he cooked meals and helped comfort my extended family. I knew then that nobody else would ever love me like that."


    7. "He'd secretly made a list of every time he noticed me say, 'I love this song,' and a year later, he presented me with an entire playlist! We listened to it while eating crab boil picnic-style on the living room floor."


    — Lola Nkechi, Facebook

    8. "My then-boyfriend and I were hanging out with friends in my dorm room when I got a call from my mom that she and my dad were getting a divorce. I was completely devastated, and he came out to find me sobbing on the phone in the hallway. He didn't know what had happened, but he went back inside, cleared everyone out, and stayed with me all night..."

    "And he continued to prove he's The One by literally sitting between my parents at all of my swim meets from then on. It was a very ugly divorce, and sometimes he had to act as a physical barrier between them. And he never complained about it — he just did it so I wouldn't have to. And both of my parents love him!"


    9. "We lived in different cities, and we spoke every night on the phone. He knew I struggled getting to sleep, so he'd read to me over the phone to help me fall asleep, even when he was exhausted himself."

    "Little things like that trump big gestures for me any day."


    10. "After I moved in with my now-husband, I found a bunch of half-used toilet paper rolls in the cabinet, and I had to ask about them. Turns out, when we were dating, he'd always put a full roll of toilet paper on the roll so I wouldn't feel embarrassed asking for me. He's 'grow old with me' material for damn sure!"


    11. "I knew the day I came home to my then-boyfriend of about three months wearing my 8-month-old in her baby carrier while cooking dinner with my 2-year-old. My mother had been babysitting, and she dropped them off to him with no notice. I haven't had a doubt since then."


    12. "My sister had Spina Bifida, and she passed away due to health complications. Before she passed, my boyfriend of six months went with me to visit her in the hospital. She had an intubation tube, and she required a suction straw to keep her from drooling. Well, I turned to talk to my mom for a moment, and when I turned back around, he was helping my sister. He dove right in to help her use the suction straw..."

    "After that, he helped her use dry shampoo to feel cleaner and brought her word searches. He treated her with respect and even went to check up on her when he got off of work at night. Those few moments he helped her made me realize that I would marry him someday."


    13. "I knew the day I lost my childhood dog. I had asked if I could stay with him because it was really hard being at home without my dog — and he put on Disney movies and sat with me, on the floor, while I cried and drank wine."


    "And later, he ordered food, so I had something in my system besides wine and tears, and we ate tacos in bed."


    14. "I knew he would be the one when he took me skiing for the first time. I had never been before, and I was freaking out. But he hid mini bags of gummy bears in his snow clothes and bribed me down the hill, one gummy bear at a time."

    "Here we are now, him currently snoring, a dog and a cat between us, and I wouldn’t give it up for anything."


    15. "We had three dogs, and the oldest, Gillie, had been with me a decade longer than I'd been with my now-husband. One day, he decided to take them out for a walk in the woods. He suggested leaving the oldest one — a 110-pound malamute mix — at home, as he wouldn't be able to keep up. But I encouraged him to take him because the forest was Gillie's favorite place, and I didn't want him to miss out..."

    "Well, they got quite a ways into the woods and down a significant hill, and Gillie just couldn’t do it anymore. He laid down and couldn’t get up. So my now-husband had to leave him there to take the other two dogs to the car. Then he went back and picked up my very stressed 110-pound dog in his arms and CARRIED HIM OUT OF THE WOODS. Obviously, my husband would never have left our dog to die in the woods, but knowing he carried that heavy dog all that way was how I knew he was the one for sure."


    16. "I’m a very light sleeper, and when I toss and turn, he always gives me a T-shirt that smells like him to put over my eyes. It’s comforting, and most nights, it helps me fall back to sleep."



    17. "When I had a panic attack at a haunted house the first time we met, and he messaged me on Facebook the next day to check up on me."

    "We've been together almost five years. He said he wants us to go look for a ring, and I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with him."


    18. "I knew he was the one because he takes my glasses off my face when I fall asleep with them on, and he always knows where they are in the morning and hands them to me first thing so I can see."


    19. "My husband met my dog before I did through a mutual friend who offered his family the dog first when she couldn't keep him. Well, when we started dating, my husband asked if my dog would remember him, and he went over to him and said, 'Hey Buddy, remember me?' And my gigantic pitbull starting crying, crawled over to him, flipped on his back, and peed all over the floor!"


    "They just laid there, on the floor, snuggling and giving each other kisses, and I realized this man was the man for us. Our dog is 14 years old now, and he stood beside us when we eloped."


    20. "When he went from being a little unsure about my pet lizards to doing tons of research about them and building a big custom habitat for my bearded dragon!"


    21. "Our relationship had become long distance, and one weekend, he hopped on a flight to see me. But I got severely delayed by a tornado on my way to pick him up from the airport and didn't get there until 3 a.m.! We were both dressed to the nines because we had planned to go to a very fancy dinner that evening, but because of the delay, the only thing open was Denny's — and I remember him reaching his hand across the sticky table and saying he wanted to be with me forever."


    "We got engaged just a month later. We were both poor grad school students, so he didn’t have money for a real ring. Instead, he had spent the last few weeks learning how to make rope rings with a knot that resembled a diamond, and he told me that he would always show his love no matter how much or little we had."


    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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