18 Parents Who Are Having A Way Worse Quarantine Than You Are

    God bless us parents, every one.

    1. This mom, who tried to cut her son's hair at home, since barbershops are closed:

    2. This mom, who tried to work from home with three toddlers in the room:

    3. This mom, whose daughter cut chunks out of her hair while Mom was on a work call:

    4. This dad, who tried to make cookies with his kids, and somehow ended up with one large cookie:

    5. This kid, who got these stuck in his hair while their parents weren't looking:

    6. This mom, who tried to teach her kid how to make muffins during homeschool cooking class:

    7. This mom, whose kid made this "Eiffel Tower" during their homeschool art class:

    8. And this mom, whose kid is not impressed with her homeschooling skills at all:


    9. This dad, who tried to make his kid a unicorn omelet:

    10. This mom, who totally forgot what day it was and set up her kids' Easter presents a whole week early:

    11. This mom, whose kids aren't exactly fans of her home cooking:

    12. This mom, whose homeschooling is going swimmingly:

    13. This mom, who tried to boil some eggs to dye for Easter:

    14. And this mom, who didn't boil them long enough:

    15. This dad, who tried toasting his daughter's Cheez-Its because she wanted them crispy, and it didn't go so well:

    16. This mom, who had muffins in the oven while on a Zoom call, and didn't hear the oven timer:

    17. This mom, who just wanted to make her kid some basic toast and realized she isn't a cook:

    18. And this dad, who dropped the TV remote in water at just about the worst time ever:

    So fellow parents, how's quarantining with the kiddos going for YOU? Show us a photo that sums up how hilarious — or heartwarming! — it is for you, and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed post!

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