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    15 Parents Who Took "I'd Do Anything For My Kids" To Hilarious Levels

    The things we do for our kids.

    1. This mom, who went all out as "Beast" to her 3-year-old's "Belle" for Halloween:

    2. This dad, who made his adult child what is possibly the most adorable breakfast ever:

    3. This mom, who was the first to try her daughter's homemade face "concoction," even though it turned out a little scary:

    4. This mom, whose kid asked for one of her famous recipes, and she did her one better:

    5. This mom, who watched Coco and got really, really into it:

    6. This mom, who let her kids get a little creative with their stickers:

    7. This dad, who has gotten his adult daughter a pack of Sweethearts every Valentine's Day since she was a little girl:

    8. This mom, who put eyes on her kids' pancakes to make them laugh:

    9. This mom, who made paper stockings, filled them, and sent them to her adult kids since they couldn't be home for the holidays:

    10. This mom, who meant "blessing in disguise," but what she actually said was so much cuter:

    11. This mom, who painted her daughter a very sophisticated portrait of the family cat for Christmas:

    12. This mom, who made these Star Wars pancakes for her kid:

    13. This mom, who let her kid practice their painting...on her face:

    14. This dad, who adorably signs all of his texts "Dad" in case you forget who you're texting:

    15. And this dad, who saved the family dogs' toy from tragedy:

    And then made sure they knew he was recovering well: