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    17 Parents Who Took A Problem And Ran With It In A Pretty Genius Direction

    They're innovative, and they don't care who knows it.

    1. This dad, who ran out of disposable masks, so he used a disposable diaper to cover his face instead:

    2. This mom, who didn't have a shot glass, so she used an old baby bottle to measure ounces for her cocktail:

    3. This dad, who discovered that, in a bind, a pizza cutter cuts pancakes perfectly:

    4. This parent, who had the perfect answer to her kid's gingerbread house collapsing:

    5. This mom, who didn't have a phone stand, so she used her kid's Legos to make herself one:

    6. And this mom, whose container of rice milk tore, and she brilliantly wrapped her kid's diaper around it to keep it from leaking everywhere:

    7. This mom, who didn't want her toddlers to break her glass ornaments, so she hung them from her chandelier:

    8. This mom, who discovered that in a bind, a cheese stick makes a great wine stopper:

    9. This mom, who used a disposable mask to create a hammock for her family's elf:

    10. This mom, who discovered that putting her Pillsbury cinnamon rolls in the waffle iron creates an easier, mess-free snack:

    11. And this mom, whose toddler managed to open the safety lock, so she used duct tape to create her own:

    12. This mom, whose kid wouldn't eat their bananas, so she put sprinkles on them to make them more appealing:

    13. This dad, who created a sort of Christmas tree I.V. for easier tree watering:

    14. This mom, who was tired of cold pump flanges, so she used her office space heater to warm them up:

    15. This mom, who didn't have a chip clip, so she used a sticker from her kid's new clothes to hold the crackers closed:

    16. This parent, who put the Christmas tree in the playpen to keep their baby from yanking ornaments:

    17. And this mom, who couldn't find her Christmas tree stand, so she came up with a hilariously non-traditional backup plan:

    The kids & I decided to decorate the #ChristmasTree today. They were so excited but the tree stand was nowhere to be found. I said we could wait until tomorrow, but they insisted I improvise. I give you the only cardboard box I had that would hold the tree up 😂 #CoronaChristmas

    Brittany Gonzalez / Via Twitter: @MrsBNG

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