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    17 Hysterical Parents Who Didn't Expect Their Decisions To Have These Kinds Of Consequences

    They definitely could have thought a little harder about these.

    1. This parent, who isn't as artistically talented as they thought:

    2. This mom, who had a brain fart and accidentally sprayed the baking sheet with insect repellent:

    3. This parent, who didn't realize that hanging their kids' stockings in birth order would spell this:

    4. This dad, who wasn't thinking when he planned to attend the school costume parade:

    5. This mom, whose idea to keep her kid's grapes in her purse backfired after she left them in there too long:

    6. This mom, who didn't think to check the printer paper before printing her divorce papers:

    7. This parent, who didn't think hard enough about how they dressed their baby:

    8. This mom, who tried to strain the macaroni...and accidentally forgot the strainer:

    9. This dad, who turned around for a second while changing the baby, and the baby rolled right into their own poop:

    Dad holding baby with poop on their head

    10. This mom, whose kid asked her to grab some grape tomatoes, and she did this:

    11. This mom, who wasn't thinking when she tasked her kid with putting the Christmas decorations away:

    12. And this mom, who thought she was making coffee, but accidentally put the sugar canister where the coffee pot should have gone:

    13. This mom, who clearly had a brain fart when she put her kid's waffle down:

    14. This mom, who got a little too creative and it backfired:

    15. This dad, who wasn't thinking when he let his kid make their own lunch, and they did this:

    16. This parent, who made a hilarious food delivery app mistake:

    17. And this mom, who ordered her own mom's birthday cake and will be more specific about the design from now on:

    H/T: r/funny.