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    33 Parent Fails That Hurt In The Most Hysterical Way Imaginable

    These parents did NOT see these fails coming.

    There's no doubt about it — parenting has some great days, and some seriously hysterical bad ones.


    Well, these hilariously embarrassing parenting fails left us cracking up, while making us feel seen at the same time:

    1. This mom, who accidentally mixed up her condiments and her skin protectant:

    2. This mom, who was trying to make macaroni and spilled it all in the sink:

    3. This dad, who forgot he was drying the baby bottles and sippy cups in the oven, then he preheated it to 450 degrees:

    4. This mom, who turned on the wrong burner on the stove, and accidentally did this:

    5. This dad, who thought he could microwave his kid's damp shirt to dry it, and then this happened:

    6. This mom, who gave her kid an at-home haircut, and it didn't turn out quite as she expected:

    7. This mom, who thought she was ordering just a bit of ginger, but she actually ordered a whole freakin' tree of it:

    8. This dad, who made his kid some oatmeal, and then straight-up dropped it:

    9. This mom, who emailed all of her kids' teachers and principals...before realizing her husband had changed her contact info to this:

    10. And this dad, whose kid had a very honest opinion about the dinner he cooked:

    9-year-old: Is this a punishment? Me: No, it's dinner. 9: That's not what it feels like.

    Twitter: @XplodingUnicorn

    11. This mom, who spilled her kid's slime on her phone:

    12. This dad, who got spit up on by his baby right where it counts:

    13. This mom, who tried to make pancakes for her kids and they came out like this:

    14. This mom, who tried to help dye her kid's hair with temporary hair dye, and then she couldn't get it to wash off her hands:

    15. This parent, who tried to dry their kid's wet shoe over a campfire and got a little too close:

    16. This mom, who tried to make a baby bottle while driving, and this happened:

    17. This mom, who bought football shaped pasta for her kids, then after she cooked it, she discovered that the trophies looked more like this:

    18. This dad, who accidentally brought his kid home with two different boots on...neither of which were hers:

    19. This mom, whose kid didn't choose their words very carefully:

    *5 yo on her kindergarten Zoom class* Teacher: "So what do you do before joining our Zoom class?" 5yo: "My mommy hits me and says 'do good!" Me, no make-up, bagel crumbs on my face, unexpectedly joining the Zoom class: "SHE MEANS I HIGH FIVE HER HAND!!!"

    Twitter: @stayathomies

    20. This mom, who tried her hand at making french bread pizza, and it turned out like this:

    21. And this dad, who turned around for just a few moments, only to discover that his one of his kids gave his other kid a "haircut" while he wasn't looking:

    photo of kids with hair all over the floor
    lemur421 / Via Instagram: @lemur421

    22. This mom, who asked her kid to put away the tomato sauce, and then this happened:

    photo of tomato sauce splattered all over the fridge
    lisasiladyi / Via

    23. This mom, who tried to make her daughter a birthday cake, and, well:

    24. This dad, who accidentally grated a stick of butter instead of the cheese he meant to grate:

    25. This mom, who tried to wrap her kid's foosball table for the holidays and could only come up with this:

    26. This mom, who treated her child to an at-home spa day and cut the cucumbers like this:

    27. This mom, whose kid's mispronunciation was hilariously mortifying:

    No one: Not a damn soul: My 4-year-old in Target, at the top of her lungs: MY MOM LOVES TO EAT REESE’S PENIS!

    Twitter: @MichelleDWrites

    28. This dad, who isn't exactly an expert in putting cloth diapers on a baby:

    29. This dad, who was cracking eggs for breakfast, and one slipped out before he could get it to the pan:

    30. This mom, whose cookies turned out, well, not like cookies at all:

    31. This dad, who thought his kid's diaper cover was a knit cap:

    photo of kid wearing a diaper cover on their head
    theprodaddy / Via

    32. This dad, who set up the video baby monitor only to realize later that the baby wasn't even in view:

    33. And this dad, whose mistake will live hilariously for lifetimes to come:

    What are your parenting fails? Once, at school pick-up, I grabbed my son from behind and, WHOOPING LIKE A FUN DAD, threw him high in the air. A woman screamed. I had made a terrible mistake. As the poor boy ran to his mother, my actual son stared at me, aghast, from afar.

    Twitter: @mrnickharvey

    Hang in there, parents! You're awesome!


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