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17 Kids Who Are So Smart You'll Kinda Hate Them

It's all fun and games until someone becomes a CEO.

1. This kid, who wrapped their mom's Christmas gift in duct tape:

ashleyrehermanphotography / Via

2. This kid, whose mom told him to get his clothes off the floor:

becka_sai / Via

3. This kid, who is going places, literally:

This kid on a long board using a leaf blower to thrust foward is my new hero 😩😩

4. This kid, whose mom asked them for a Coke on ice:

lizardbef / Via

5. This kid, who won't let a little water get in the way of his snacking:

this kid living in the future (chip boat)

6. This kid, who got around their mom hiding the remote on top of the refrigerator:

speakupslp / Via

7. This kid, who knows how to get his parents to leave him alone:

Walked into my kids' room and my 5yo son grabs my 9yo daughter and whispers, "Don't move. Their vision is based on movement."

8. And this kid, who knows she has to show up for dinner but she doesn't have to like it:

my sister is pissed off and "doesn't want to see any of us" so this is her solution.

9. This kid, who's got jokes:

sflynn_kmd / Via

10. This kid, who takes no prisoners:

My son got his report card today and academically he did well but his teacher wrote a note specifying “ he needs to use kind words with friends “ . I asked him about it and he said “ My friends are dumb and they need to know “

11. This kid, whose Father's Day card for his dad explained the family dynamic well:

seabudzfishing / Via

12. This kid, who told their mom they ate all their food:

melrkel / Via

13. This kid, who's got insults:

My 7 year old told me his butt is “glorious” and “made in New York.” Also, he learned how to change Netflix profile names.

14. This kid, who answers honestly:

mrscadima / Via

15. This kid, who will make you be more specific:

Asked my son to box up his leftover mac and cheese at the restaurant and he put the entire bowl in there and I’m not sure if he’s an idiot or a genius.

16. This kid, who has a business sense way beyond their years:

17. And this kid, whose mom told them they could only have one cookie, so they made this masterpiece:

im_that_bully / Via

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