15 Parents Who Didn't Know These Were Fails Until Too Late

    It's not their best day, like at all.

    1. This dad, who tried to make a frozen pizza for his kids, but forgot to put it on a pan:

    2. This mom, who tried to give her kid a haircut, and it didn't turn out so well:

    3. This mom, who left her kids' quesadilla on the grill a little too long:

    4. This dad, who hid his daughter's Elsa doll in the oven, and then accidentally forgot about it:

    5. This mom, who made something special for dinner and then dropped the whole damn thing:

    6. This mom, who had to clarify her text to her kid:

    7. This mom, whose cupcakes didn't turn out as appetizing as she'd hoped:

    8. This mom, who tried to make her kids "elephant pancakes":

    9. And this mom, who tried to make "Bonjour" pancakes for her daughter's Zoom french class:

    10. This mom, who turned on the wrong burner, and totally destroyed her pie plate:

    11. This dad, whose toast didn't turn out as planned:

    12. This mom, who tried to make a marshmallow snack that looked like Olaf for her kiddo and maybe failed a little:

    13. This mom, who accidentally washed something red with the whites and failed a lot:

    14. This mom, who just wanted to make her kids some waffles but:

    15. And lastly, this mom, who somehow managed to set her Top Ramen on fire and I didn't even know that was possible: