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    18 Hilariously Brutal Things Older Siblings Did To Their Younger Siblings That They're Still Salty About

    "My older brother tricked me into thinking I was eating beef jerky, when it was really dog treats."

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the totally savage thing their older siblings did to them when they were kids, and there's no doubt about it — y'all's older siblings are mean as hell:

    Well, here are a few more responses that will make you laugh, cringe, and go, 'Man, older siblings are shady.'

    1. "My older brother once convinced me to sit in a laundry basket, and then my older sister came running in with a second basket they put on top. Then, they tied the two baskets together with socks and THREW ME DOWN THE STAIRS."

    2. "Once when I was little, my older sister wanted to play 'Dog,' in which I acted like a dog, and she acted like my owner. So she put our actual dog's collar — which happened to be an invisible fence collar — on me, and she walked me across the boundary line. I still remember the feeling of getting shocked."


    3. "I had a Barbie Dreamhouse when I was little, and my brother's G.I. Joes would regularly invade, loot, pillage, and behead their 'captives.' I would find Barbie heads all over the house."


    4. "My brother and I convinced our little sister that she had to eat the fortune in fortune cookies for it to come true. We kept it up for five years before she realized we were full of shit."

    5. "My older brother tricked me into thinking I was eating beef jerky, when it was really dog treats."


    6. "When I was in elementary school, I was super into spy stuff, and one day a letter was mailed to my house from Texas that said I was being recruited as a Junior Agent into the CIA. After that, more envelopes came with information, and one even had a laminated ID badge for me with my photo on it..."

    "Well, when the last letter came saying that first mission was to clean my sister's bike, I realized it was her the whole time and that she'd had her friend in Texas send the letters. I'm still crushed."


    7. "My older brother would kill spiders and tape their dead carcasses to my bedroom wall."

    8. "My cousin — who is more like an older brother — used to shoot suction cup Nerf bullets at my face to try to get them to stick to my glasses."


    9. "My older brother used to 'teach' me how to play chess, and would win every time. It wasn't until later — when I played online and saw that his rules were different — that I realized he'd been teaching me to play a lot of games wrong so that he could win."


    10. "My older sister used to charge me rent to live in our house."

    11. "My older brother and his friends came up with their own version of hide and seek called, 'Witch Hunt.' Basically, I would go hide, and they would secretly leave not only the house, but the neighborhood."

    "I would be hiding for a long time before I realized they were gone."


    12. "My older brother once duct-taped my entire arm and then ripped it off."


    13. "My older sisters used to put me in a pillowcase and toss me back and forth."

    14. "We always thought we were special when our older brother decided to treat us to his 'brotherly allowance.' But it wasn't until years later that we realized he just wanted to hurl coins at us from his third floor window."


    15. "When I was little, I'd be sitting on the couch, minding my own business, when my older brother would run up, grab my feet, and yank me off the couch so my ass hit the ground, yelling, 'BUTT BOMBER!'"


    16. "My older siblings told me that change was more valuable than bills because cash is just paper and coins are gold and silver. And then they'd take all my money."

    17. "My older brothers used to chase me around the house with Super Soakers filled with toilet water."


    18. "My older brother convinced told me to spell K-C-U-F backwards and yell the word out at the top of my lungs in a very fancy restaurant. He didn't get dessert that night."

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    Some responses were edited for length and clarity.