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    23 Younger Siblings Share The Hilariously Mean Things Their Older Siblings Did To Them

    "My older sister made me climb into the dryer...and then she turned it on."

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share the most hilariously savage thing their older sibling ever did to them as a kid, and they proved that older siblings are the worst...and the funniest:

    1. "My oldest sister made me climb into the dryer...and then she turned it on."

    2. "My older sister put Orajel on my toothbrush and told me it was toothpaste. I went crying and drooling to my mom, my mouth totally numb."


    3. "My older brother had me stand at the end of the hall wearing a tae kwon do chest protector and a McDonald's Halloween bucket as a helmet. Then he used a hockey stick to shoot tennis balls at me, saying he was practicing his 'knuckle puck.'"


    4. "My older siblings didn't want to watch me while they tied me to a tree in our front yard."

    5. "There were a lot of big hills behind my house when I was a kid. My older brothers used to shove me into a storage barrel and roll me down them."


    6. "My older brother would pull the heads off my Barbies, cut off all their hair, and put the heads on his trophies."


    7. "My brother and sister once literally staged my kidnapping. They wore ski masks, 'broke into' the house, and tied me to a chair. It wasn't until I completely lost it that they finally ripped off their masks...and begged me not to tell our mom and dad."

    8. "My older sister tied a jump rope to my ankle and convinced me to 'bungee jump' off the top bunk. I fractured my cheekbone."


    9. "My mother had just gotten a new handheld vacuum, and my older sister convinced me to let her try it out ON MY HEAD. So she put it right on top of the center of my head and turned it on. Next thing I knew, we were pulling chunks of my hair out of the vacuum, and trying to figure out how to hide my new bald spot from my mom."

    "I still have a bald spot, and I'm still mad about it."


    10. "When my two older brothers started driving, they would fart in the car with me in it and then lock the windows so I couldn't roll them down."

    11. "My older sibling hooked a coat hanger into the back of my turtleneck, then picked me up and hung me on a doorknob."

    "The worst part was that my mother was there, and instead of helping me, she took photos."


    12. "When I was 6, my older brother told me that Santa died in a sleigh accident."


    13. "My older sister and her friends would put salt in apple juice, warm it up, and make me drink it in order to hang out with them, saying it was their pee."

    14. "My older brother convinced me that AAA stood for 'Alien Adoption Agency,' and that my parents got me from Mars."


    15. "When I was 10 years old, my brother decided to take the plunger from the bathroom and plunge my head."


    16. "My older brother had a Freddy Krueger Halloween costume when we were little, and at night he would dress up, turn the lights off, and scratch the walls with the glove as I screamed."

    17. "My older sister was doing a science 'experiment,' and plugged my nose while I was sleeping to see if I'd stop breathing or open my mouth."


    18. "My mom had a chile pepper plant in her garden, and sometimes when my older brother and I would play outside, he would grab a pepper and stick it up my nose! Boy, did those suckers burn!"


    19. "I was the youngest of three girls, and when I was a toddler, my older sisters would dress me up in a winter coat, scarf, and hat and send me out to Chicago."

    20. "My older brother once locked me in the dog crate...with the dog."


    21. "My older sisters would quiz me on my spelling words while they gave me a bath. If I got one wrong, they would pour a cup of freezing cold water over my head."


    22. "When I was 6, I had a collection of stuffed animals that I absolutely loved. Well, my older siblings would put each one on a pan of the ceiling fan then turn the fan on, letting them fly all over the room while I cried."


    23. "My older sibling once excitedly said, 'Let's do trust falls!'...and then let me fall into the wall."

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    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.