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    17 Seriously Cringeworthy "Forgot To Turn The Mic Off" Stories That Are So Hilariously "Right Now"

    "I was learning about the horrors of World War I when I accidentally left my mic on and started singing Mariah Carey, whistle tones and all."

    We recently shared a post in which people shared their "forgot to turn the mic off" stories, which were all parts cringeworthy and entertaining:


    Well, turns out they weren't the only ones with awkward virtual fails — readers in the comments section chimed in with their own hilariously embarrassing "forgot to turn off the mic (or camera!)" stories, and these will make you cringe and laugh too!

    1. "I was in my AP History class learning about World War I and the horrors of the battlefield when I accidentally left my mic on and started singing Mariah Carey, whistle tones and all.


    "I was super embarrassed when I realized everyone was silently smiling at me."

    Taline Banks

    2. "My boyfriend was doing a project on female circumcision for a class, and he was on FaceTime with me while in a class breakout room. Well, I heard him talking about his project with someone in the breakout room, so I thought it would be funny to yell, 'What a coincidence — YOU'RE CIRCUMCISED TOO!' That's when I realized he was in a breakout room with his teacher."

    Naima Troutt

    3. "My company was in a Zoom meeting when our manager — who was teaching — took a break. I guess he forgot his screen share was on, because a private photo album was up, which included some 'interesting' photos of him and a coworker.

    "We all cringe-laughed."

    —Rachel Amidei, Facebook

    4. "One day in English class, I was distracted and reading comics. Well, the comic I was reading had a very annoying main character, so I whisper-yelled, 'WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU?!' and that's when I realized I forgot to turn off the mic. Then my teacher responded, 'I'm sorry — did you have a question?'


    "I immediately said, 'Ah, no, sorry!' And yes, I kept reading that comic for the rest of class."


    5. "My very disorganized husband — who has misplaced his mask, keys, iPad, charger, etc., every day — was looking for something before work, and I muttered, 'It's probably up your butt!' under my breath. He didn't hear it. But my class of 13-year-olds did!"


    6. "A friend of mine told me her teacher was having sex while explaining the subject of the class. The camera was off, but they could hear him going in and out of breath, and even the girl's moaning...

    "He ended up saying, 'Oh god, hold on, guys, give me a little break,' and muted his microphone. Five minutes later, he came back way more relaxed and laughing."

    —Cami Mercado, Facebook

    7. "One of my classes was taught by a guy with a really interesting hairdo, and one day, one of my classmates signed on late. He didn't realize he was not muted when he said to someone offscreen, 'Yeah, I'm in class now, and it's so dumb. My teacher looks like a damn baby Grinch.'


    "We all just tried to pretend we didn’t hear it. But everyone heard — including the teacher."


    8. "My friend sometimes takes her laptop with her into the bathtub — with her camera off — since this particular class always ends early. Well, one day, she got called out for having her camera off, and the teacher required her to turn her camera on. She did, and she had to participate in class...buck naked in the bathtub!"


    9. "I was in Spanish class when I started LOUDLY singing the Spanish alphabet over and over, unaware that I wasn't muted. Well, I looked to the chat to find 30 messages from the teacher and the other students, begging me to mute.

    "I was so embarrassed that I had to turn my camera off."


    10. "I was in a team meeting, and my mind was wandering and thinking about food. So I yelled to my partner in the other room, 'I WANT CHIPS!' three times. Turns out that my mic wasn't muted, and my director said, 'Next on the agenda, Max apparently wants chips!'

    "We had a good laugh about it — I'll never live it down!"


    11. "My husband was playing a game with his mic on when I came into the room to greet our dog on the couch, affectionately calling her 'Stinky Butt.' All of his gamer friends heard me and were like, 'Dude, mute your mic!'

    E! Entertainment Television

    "Now when he plays games, I get really quiet."


    12. "I was teaching and had put my students into breakout rooms to get to know each other. Bored and alone, I started baby-talking my cat and blowing her kisses, totally forgetting that the main Zoom room was still being recorded! So there I was, for 20 minutes right in the middle of the lecture, blowing kisses to an offscreen cat!

    "I learned how to edit and pause recordings that day."


    13. "I was bored during one of my lectures, so I decided to sing a duet on TikTok. My mute was on, but I decided to turn my camera off, too, so they couldn't see my mouth moving. Big mistake — turns out that if you turn the camera off, it unmutes the mic! I had taken my earbud out so I could hear the music better, and I sang a whole verse before putting my earbud back in and hearing my teacher remind us to mute our mics. I was so embarrassed for that person...until someone private-messaged me to tell me I was the person the professor was talking about!

    "To make matters worse, my teacher records the lectures. So my singing was posted on Canvas with the rest of the lecture for anyone to go back and watch."


    14. "During one of my morning classes, one of my classmates didn't realize that her mic was on while she was having sex with her boyfriend. We heard everything.


    "Thankfully, my teacher eventually figured out who out of our 60 classmates to mute. I was laughing so hard in embarrassment for this girl."


    15. "I was on Zoom for class, and when it's time for a snack, my teacher always says, 'Time to eat those snackeroonies!' Well, this time I said, 'Next time you say 'snackeroonie,' I'm gonna make you my snackeroonie!' I didn't realize I was unmuted."


    16. "I do community theater, and all muting and unmuting is done from the tech booth. Well, every once in a while, if the tech person can't mute an actor's mic right away when they leave the stage, the audience catches them saying something like, 'Well, I really fucked THAT up!'"


    And finally, a "forgot to turn off the mic" story that ended well — really, really well:

    17. "There was a guy in one of my classes who I really liked. Well, one day, he didn't realize his mic was on while he talked to his brother, and he said, 'See, this is the girl I was telling you about...'


    "His brother said my name and asked if it was me, and then asked if he wanted to ask me out. He responded, 'Yeah — she's too pretty for me, though.' Well, we got assigned a breakout room together, and we've been dating for a month now."


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    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.