15 Moms Who Outsmarted Their Kids So Good, They're Basically Legends

    They make no apologies for their trickery.

    1. This mom, who tricked her kids by wrapping broccoli in their lollipop wrappers:

    2. This mom, who labeled her maple syrup "cough syrup" to keep her kids away:

    3. This mom, who figured out how to dispose of her kid's most annoying toys...by hiding them in the diaper-pail bag:

    4. This mom, whose kids wouldn't eat anything except pizza, so she cut the lasagna into the shape of a pizza slice, and they never knew the difference:

    5. This mom, who hid her snacks where her kids would never find them, the dishwasher:

    6. This mom, whose kid asked for some car "accessories," so she got this super-embarrassing accessory and picked him up from school with it:

    7. And this mom, whose kid didn't want to help rake the leaves, so she left him a surprise on his car:

    8. This mom, whose kid would only eat delivery pizza, so she made one at home and put it in a pizza box to fool him:

    9. This mom, who hid her cake in the fruit drawer to keep her kids from finding it:

    10. This mom, who showed her son what happens when he nods off:

    11. And this mom, who secretly removed the batteries from her kid's loudest toy:

    12. This mom, who used breast milk bags to make her kids some otter pops, and they never even noticed:

    13. This mom, who sneaked a cardboard roach into the lampshade to scare the crap out of her kids:

    14. This mom, who promised her kid she wouldn't stay and watch his golf practice, and she didn't, technically:

    15. And this mom, who pulled off the prank of all pranks and wasn't even sorry: