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    17 Moms Who Took A Deep Sigh And Said, "This Is Not The Day I Had Planned"

    Sometimes parenthood just doesn't go as planned.

    1. This mom, who tried to dry her kid's wet shoe by the wood-burning stove, and got a little too close:

    2. This mom, who accidentally dropped her kid's bowl of Spaghetti-O's into the silverware drawer:

    3. This mom, who was testing out paint colors on her daughter's wall and accidentally painted what looks like a vagina there:

    4. This mom, whose kid somehow managed to get her drone stuck in her hair:

    5. This mom, who forgot she put her kid's lunch on the roof of her car before she drove away:

    6. This mom, who didn't realize her kid was hiding the brush and dustpan in the oven until long after she turned it on:

    7. This mom, who accidentally spilled her kid's slime onto her iPhone:

    8. And this mom, whose kid got slime stuck — really stuck — in their hair:

    9. This mom, who tried to use a can opener and failed miserably:

    10. This mom, whose kid drew this innocent whistle during distance learning:

    11. This mom, whose pizza turned out extra crispy:

    12. This mom, whose kid used her blocks to spell out an unexpected word:

    never2manyshoos / Via

    13. This mom, who turned around to find that her toddler had tried to eat the dyed Easter eggs:

    14. And this mom, whose kid was asked their favorite song on a school assignment, and they answered honestly:

    15. This mom, whose gingerbread cookies cooked a little too long:

    16. This mom, who promised her kid pasta, then realized she only had an old box of penis pasta:

    17. And this mom, whose kid turned out way more like her than she'd hoped: