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Moms, Be Your Own Valentine This Year

You've heard it before. "You need to take some time for yourself." You smiled graciously as you received this annoying unsolicited advice, then turned around and rolled your eyes. After all, your friends/husband/Mom/colleagues were referring to those other Moms. The ones who don't have it together. Not you, Supermom. You are a walking, talking, breastfeeding, carpooling, PTA-ing, organic chicken nugget-making example of perfection. Every Mom envies you, and you love it. You don't need to take a break.

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For Starters, Don't Do This.

The temptation to handcraft some cute scrapbook of pictures of your toddler with heart stickers and glitter and whatnot with a cheesy title like, "My Funny Valentine" for her to flip through once then spill orange juice all over will be real. But don't you dare be crafty today! Give her a haphazardly picked 99 cent store-bought card. Don't spend too much time picking it either. Read no more than the inside of two cards before picking yours and then don't even match the envelope if you can help it! Then it won't sting as much at her wedding when she calls Daddy her "first love.

Don't Do This Either.

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Do NOT stay up all night dripping rice krispy treats into carefully food colored red and pink melted chocolate for your child's kindergarten friends. Half of the classroom's parents are sugar referees, so those meticulously crafted treats will get thrown away. One half of the remaining kids are allergic to gluten, wheat, chocolate, the color red, things that are heart-shaped, etc..., so those meticulously crafted treats will get thrown away. And the third that actually eat it will stuff it down their throats quicker than you can take your iPhone out to get a picture for Instagram. And we all know that if it doesn't get posted on Instagram, it didn't happen.

Instead grab that $1.50 box of Mickey Mouse heart-shaped pretzels and toss one in all the cubbies when you drop your kid off. In fact, just throw them out the window at the kids from the carpool lane. Think fast! Happy Valentine's Day, kids.

And whatever you do...

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Don't set foot in Victoria's Secret, Frederick's of Hollywood, or any store with the word "Touch" or "Romance" in it's name. You know good and well that no matter how much you spent on that see-through crotchless unitard, you'll fall asleep while putting the kids down, leaving your partner...well...let down.

"So, what CAN I do on Valentine's Day if I don't celebrate the people I love?", you ask. You can celebrate SELF LOVE. Your partner and kids know you love them, you show them every day. Now it's time to show that you love YOURSELF. You What does that mean? Here are a few ideas...


Whatever it is that you've been putting off because you don't have time between running the kids around to Girl Scouts, soccer, and piano. Do it with a girlfriend or do it alone. As long as it feels good.


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Get started on your "want to read someday when I have time" list, or finish that book you've been reading in little bits for the last three years. You'd be surprised the rejuvenation a small escape in someone else's world can bring...


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Enjoy a couple of guilt-free margaritas with your other Mom friends and toast to friendship. After all, your love for your family keeps your heart beating, but love for your friends is what keeps you sane!

and lastly..don't forget those three special words: DO NOT DISTURB.


It will be hard at first, but trust the process and let Daddy and the kids tough it out tonight. He can make the mac and cheese and cut the crusts off the PB&Js because today, there's no time to be Super Mom or Super Wife. You're too busy remembering what it was like to be Super You. And trust me, it'll feel damn good.