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    17 Totally Real Fantasies That'll Make Moms Laugh And Go, "You Said It, Sister!"

    You said it, Sister!

    We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us their mom fantasy and the responses were positively funny, totally relatable, and altogether real:

    1. "My fantasy is to take a long nap and wake up to find my house cleaned, the laundry folded, and that I've magically lost the last ten pounds of baby weight."

    2. "That every Friday night, my husband would lactate from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. and I could get a full night's rest."



    3. "I would like to ask my child if she wants turkey or ham and not hear, "peanut butter," and find out about picture day earlier than ten minutes prior to the bus' arrival."

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    4. "Having money in my bank account!"

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    5. "I just want to be able to leave my children with someone responsible and then run off to a secluded cabin in the woods where I can drink wine, eat junk, actually finish a book I'm reading, and never have to talk to a single person."



    6. "A kid who sleeps through the night."


    7. "My mom fantasy is to walk into my kids' daycare wearing ripped jeans, my leather jacket, and Chucks, and not be judged by other moms for not wearing mom jeans."



    8. "To have my toddlers eat what I give them and play nicely all day, while I online shop with an unlimited budget. And maybe some cheese."


    9. "My fantasy is that my family would go along with my parenting decisions without lecturing me that I'm doing everything wrong."


    10. "I want to have a full day alone in a sunroom with a palette, easel, and paintbrushes, and paint along to The Joy of Painting with Bob Ross. Oh, and take long pauses to get those happy little trees juuuust right."

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    11. "That I would find a balance between doing my job well and feeling like a good mom, instead of having so many days where I either feel like a shit mom or a shit employee."


    12. "I honestly would just want to be able to go to a bonfire or something and get absolutely wasted without having to take care of my kid with a hangover the next day."


    13. "Taking a relaxing bath without a toddler barging in to poop. Especially since we have several other bathrooms."

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    14. "I just want one day to go by without having to referee a fight over who gets to drink out of which cup. Spoiler: they're exactly the same."


    15. "Dining solo at my favorite steak restaurant, where I throw down on some steak and potatoes and get classy drunk...because my fantasy has a designated driver."


    16. "I'd like a Mother's Helper to follow me and my kids around and step in at opportune moments β€” like when I want to spend extra time in the bedding section at Target. And did I mention she also takes them for nature walks and makes me tea?"


    17. "My mom fantasy? That my kids listen or follow directions at some point in the day."


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    Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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