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17 Parents Who Definitely Owe Their Kid An Apology

If you haven't failed hilariously, are you even a parent?

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1. This mom, who should probably stick to plates and napkins:

hairstylesandhappiness / Via Instagram: @hairstylesandhappiness

2. This mom, who tried to give her kiddo a haircut:

sarahpiuggi / Via

3. This mom, who should get a flag for excessive celebration:

Vijaya Gadde / Via Twitter: @vijaya

4. This mom, who made these chocolate chip cookies:

hashtagbigmomma / Via

5. This mom, who accidentally texted "I have to poo" to all the parents on her kid's soccer team:

thekorombians / Via

6. This mom, who gave her kid nightmares of the breakfast kind:

jessica_ager / Via

7. And this dad, who taught his kid that when you gotta go, you gotta go. / Via Instagram: @philyeh

8. This mom, who got her dates a little mixed up:

michellenasongreene / Via

9. This dad, whose photography skills could use a little work:

Kelvin Goertzen / Via Twitter: @kelvin_goertzen

10. This mom, who put her family's elf on a light fixture:

christinebunn / Via Instagram: @christinebunn

11. This mom, who unintentionally encouraged her kid to "turn up":

lauravanzee / Via Twitter: @lauravanzee

12. This dad, who was supposed to watch the dogs around the baby's things:

bgray966 / Via

13. And ditto for this mom, whose dog got ahold of poor Ariel.

newportmesamoms / Via

14. This mom, who just couldn't play it cool:

Ashleigh Mae / Via Twitter: @ashiie_maee

15. This dad, who had the worst butter fingers ever:

mattscib / Via

16. This mom, who made her kids' toast well done.

fruitfulmisfit / Via

17. And this mom, who apparently failed so hard she was banned from her kid's room right along with "creepy strangers" and members of Isis.

lessonsfromtheminivan / Via


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