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14 Millennial Moms Who Prove That Parenting Today Is Pretty Damn Funny

"Millennial mom means sexting with one hand while cleaning poop with the other."

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1. This mom, whose kid knows exactly how to communicate their feelings.

Ashley Archibald / Via Twitter: @ash_archi

2. This mom, whose kid has impeccable manners.

Addie Broyles / Via Twitter: @broylesa

3. This mom, who shields her kid from adult content.

Maddie Lite / Via Twitter: @MaddieMFNLite

4. And this mom, whose kid has mastered the art of small talk.

DraStudent / Via Twitter: @DoctoraMami

5. This mom, who has totally reasonable priorities.

Tea with Tolkien / Via Twitter: @TeawithTolkien

6. This mom, whose kid asks for exactly what they want.

Amber Bender / Via Twitter: @amberbender19

7. This mom, whose kid shows concern for the wellbeing of others.

AM Gatbonton / Via Twitter: @annamitzie

8. And this mom, who has become an expert multi-tasker.

In Omnia Paratus / Via Twitter: @Southernstoner7

9. This mom, who is totally up on the trends.

xine / Via Twitter: @beekers03

10. This mom, who is fully aware of the advances in medicine.

matriarch / Via Twitter: @meanmilf

11. This mom, who taught her kid early about the dangers of the world.

Amie Mariana / Via Twitter: @amiemariana

12. This mom, whose kid is clearly advanced.

Iris / Via Twitter: @iriszio

13. This mom, whose kid accepts people's differences.

Diana Loveless / Via Twitter: @DianaLoveless1

14. And this mom, who knows exactly who to ask for support.

Court / Via Twitter: @CeRodg

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