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Meghan Markle Didn't Hide Her Post-Baby Bump And Moms Are Like, "Yaaaas, Girl!"

"This is how 99% of women look after birth, and she is helping normalize it."

As you know, a few days ago, Meghan and Harry welcomed their first son, who they've named Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, and he's a doll from what we can tell.

While the new parents did forgo the traditional hospital steps photo we're used to seeing — and comparing our own post-birth appearances to, ha! — they did formally introduce Baby Sussex to the public at Windsor Castle this morning.

And moms everywhere noticed that Meghan wore a dress that showed that postpartum baby bumps are real, y'all.

And needless to say, they were ecstatic that the Duchess was not hiding it or pretending it disappeared overnight, like many other celebs would have you believe.

They praised her for helping "normalize" what postpartum bodies really look like.

LOVE that Meghan has come to her photo call without trying to hide the ‘after birth baby bump’. Absolute icon. This is how 99% of women look after birth and she is helping normalise it. She looks amazing and is absolutely glowing. Power to her and all new mothers! 💗 #babysussex

They admired her for showing that moms are still beautiful after childbirth.

Meghan clearly carried her child. I admire her greatly for coming out with post-baby puffiness to show that women do not have to look like their pre-pregnancy selves to still be beautiful. #MeghanMarkle #RoyalBaby

Some even said that Meghan's bump was what they loved most about the photo.

You know what I love *most* about this photo, apart from the gorgeous pic, it's that Meghan is wearing a dress that shows off her post baby bump. The bump doesnt disappear as soon as the baby pops out & I love that she's embracing it.

Some loved that she looked like she, well, actually just had a baby.

Let me take a moment and say, Meghan looked beautiful. You could tell she was still in some pain. I loved that she showed her post pregnancy body with pride. I love that she shared this moment, at all. Thank you. #BabySussex

Some chimed in with simple cheers of support.

I’m so pleased Meghan has appeared clearly still with a bump! YES to this! #royalbaby

And some of them were even inspired to show photos of their post-baby bumps, too!

Well done for showing off your mum tum #MeghanMarkle finally a bit of post birth reality! Here is my pic after Arlo

Yaaaaas, girl.

Way to go, Meghan! We are all the way here for it.