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15 Times Eating With Kids Was Just The Fucking Worst

"The floor has been fed dinner. Oops, I meant the toddler!"

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1. When you need a tiebreaker.

James Breakwell / Via Twitter: @XplodingUnicorn

2. When it gets down and dirty.

3. When the grass is always greener.

Jennifer S. White / Via Twitter: @yenniwhite

4. When they're too clever for their own good.

Precious Lesko / Via Twitter: @ThePreciousMama

5. When you're on a tight schedule.

Simon Holland / Via Twitter: @simoncholland

6. When it's clear they've had too much screentime.

7. When you have a keen sense of reality.

Rich Cromwell / Via Twitter: @rcromwell4

8. And when you're not afraid to call them on their bullshit.

Walking Outside / Via Twitter: @WalkingOutside

9. When that was way harsh, Tai.

The Glad Stork / Via Twitter: @TheGladStork

10. When suddenly it all makes sense.

Amber Maccione / Via Twitter: @theEducator_Mom

11. When you start from the bottom up, literally.

Beech / Via Twitter: @MR_Beecher

12. When you're not here for these childish games.

Grace Holm

13. When they've acquired new skills.

VictoriaMom / Via Twitter: @VictoriaMomca

14. When you know it's coming.

Salty Mermaid / Via Twitter: @Jenn_H_Scott

15. And when at least you still have your sense of humor.

Mommy Cusses / Via Twitter: @mommy_cusses

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