16 Married People Whose Mistakes Are So Sad They're Literally Hysterical

    These spouse fails will be remembered for a long, long time.

    1. This husband, who was so tired he mixed up dog food and coffee beans:

    2. This wife, who offered to mow the lawn, and then did it like this:

    3. This husband, who made a custom debit card that looked like this:

    4. This wife, who keeps her clear retainers on the soap pump in the bathroom:

    5. This wife, who eats cinnamon rolls like this:

    6. This spouse — and parent — who unintentionally shaded their daughter's drawings with a card they sent to their wife:

    drawing of a cat hanging from a tree that says, if one more person tells me to hang in there i will claw their eyes out

    7. This wife — and mother — who bought this Paw Patrol sticker set for her 3-year-old without realizing it was definitely an unauthorized set:

    8. This husband, who was left in charge of the baking while his spouse was at work, and this happened:

    9. This wife, who put the cutlery away in this hilariously infuriating way:

    10. And this husband, who was asked by his spouse to purchase SOS pads...

    SOS steel wool pads

    ...and came back with these:

    11. This spouse, who eats their potato chips like this:

    12. This wife, who clearly never checks her email:

    13. This husband, whose pizza didn't turn out quite as he'd hoped it would:

    14. This wife, who eats only as much of her fruit as she pleases, then puts it back in the fridge:

    15. This husband, who hangs his pants in a seriously peculiar way:

    16. And this wife, who will never be trusted with the butter again: