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    15 Husbands And Wives Who Are So Good At Marriage, They Make The Rest Of Us Look Really, Really Bad

    They are so, so good at marriage.

    1. This husband — and dad — who keeps an album on his phone of his wife's and daughters' preferred products:

    2. This spouse, who totally overachieved by making this candy sushi plate:

    3. This wife, who kept this memento from the day she met her husband:

    4. This wife, who went to extra lengths — literally — to make her husband happy:

    5. This husband, who brought some fun to his wife's daily routine:

    6. This husband, who enlisted the family dog to make his spouse feel better:

    7. This wife, who was having a snappy morning, so she sent her husband this surprise for lunch:

    8. And this husband, who sent his wife a sweet text as an homage to her love for The Bachelorette:

    9. This husband, who wrote his wife this hilarious apology note:

    10. This spouse, who wanted to make their husband some coffee, and this husband, who made this adorable cheat sheet for how to do it:

    11. This spouse, who got really creative for their wife's birthday:

    12. This spouse, who got their husband this hilariously sentimental gift:

    13. This wife, who gave her husband the red carpet treatment:

    My mom made my dad dress up and presented him with the "Best Husband" Oscar 😂 I want to be this extra as a wife 😂😍

    Twitter: @Reggae_Beauty

    14. This spouse, who created a timely memento for her husband:

    15. This spouse, who knows how to make their husband feel better: