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    13 Married People Who Could've Laid Off On The Spouse Trolling, But Instead Chose Violence

    These spouses went all the way in.

    1. This husband, who couldn't not troll his wife for the way her  sushi order was rung up:

    sushi order reads "Trinity Roll No Cum"

    2. This wife, who threw her husband a vasectomy party complete with a very special — and hilariously detailed — dessert:

    3. This wife, who included a special item in the breakfast order she gave her spouse:

    4. This husband, who included the subliminal message "sex" in the latte he made his wife:

    5. This wife, who left her spouse a hilariously cryptic bathroom scene:

    6. This spouse, who gave their spouse the most trolly holiday gift of them all:

    7. And this husband, who intentionally cut the pizza like this to annoy his wife:

    8. This husband, who renamed the plant food as such:

    9. This wife, who poked fun at her spouse by adding hand drawn pictures to the grocery list:

    10. This spouse, who added their own artistic flair to their partner's face drawing like this:

    11. This husband, who added something even more annoying to the annoying box in the living room:

    12. This spouse, who gave their husband a hilariously hard time when he was just trying to get into the house:

    13. And lastly, this wife, who gave her husband the hysterical "scraps" from a bachelorette party charcuterie board: