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    15 Married People Shared Their "We're Gonna Last Forever" Wedding Moment And I Went, "Now, That's Love"

    "When I got overwhelmed by all the people, went around the corner to hide, and found my husband there doing the same thing."

    We recently shared a post in which members of the BuzzFeed Community shared the wedding moment that made them sure the couple would last forever, and it made us swoon in a major way:


    Well, more of our married readers — and their guests! — chimed in with their own swoonworthy wedding moments, and they are all parts sweet and touching:

    1. "I knew right away my husband was the one, but he more than sealed it when — knowing Forrest Gump is my favorite movie — he began his vows by saying, 'I may not be a smart man, but I know what love is.'"


    "Everyone broke into applause, and his best friends hooted and hollered louder than I've ever heard anyone hoot and holler."

    —Jenn Scott Leonhart, Facebook

    2. "I'm quite a shy person, and I get overwhelmed by big crowds. Well, since our wedding was big, I went to hide behind a wall for a breather. And I found my husband there, doing the same thing."

    "We laughed and spent 10 mins together before going back to talk to the guests."


    3. "My dad was in the hospital dying of cancer, and one week before our wedding was scheduled to happen, he took a turn for the worse. I knew I didn't want to get married without my dad there, and we knew that if he was going to be there, we had to get married that day in the hospital..."

    "I looked at my husband and asked if he was ready to get married on a Thursday in a hospital room, and without any hesitation, he said 'Yes,' put on his suit, and we got married right there. I knew long before that we were going to last forever but that definitely solidified my feelings."


    4. "I knew I'd be a crying mess on my wedding day because I'm emotional. I had a handkerchief in my bouquet, but I didn't end up needing it — my husband had one shoved up his sleeve because he knew I'd need it."


    5. "I went to my friend's wedding a few years ago where in Spain, where they met. The groom's English was perfect, but the bride really struggled with her Spanish, and she had written her vows down to say in both languages so his family and friends would understand. She was so nervous, but with the way he held her hand and whispered to her about how great she was doing through the whole thing I knew they were perfect for each other."

    "I sobbed at how beautiful that moment was. I still tear up thinking about it now!"

    —Alissa Noelle, Facebook

    6. "I knew with my husband when we met with a priest about our ceremony — the priest asked if my husband had any reservations, and he excitedly replied, 'Yeah, we have reservations, for July 6th!' The priest and I both busted a gut laughing!"

    —Janet Creque, Facebook

    7. "One of my cousins was injured while serving in the military a few months before his wedding, and he got a temporary prosthetic leg. Well, instead of pulling off his bride's garter at the wedding, he sat on a fancy chair while she pulled off his prosthetic, and she threw that into the crowd of bachelors! Then, the bride put his new custom prosthetic foot on him, and I remember being 15 and thinking, 'That's love.'"


    "Seventeen years later, they're more in love than ever."


    8. "My sister, who officiated my wedding, asked my husband why he wanted to marry me. He said that for most of his life, the most important word to him was 'I,' and that after we'd been dating for a while, that word changed to 'we.' Then, one day, he was thinking about his future and realized he couldn't envision it without me — and that's when the most important word to him became, 'Her.'"

    "I know it sounds cheesy, but every time I watch our wedding video I get choked up at this part."


    9. "We had gone to Vegas with a few of our family members to get married, and the dog got carsick on the way. Everyone was panicking because we didn't have a bag or bucket for him to throw up in when my now-husband whipped off his top hat and saved the day!"

    "It was just a cheap costume one, but he had been really excited about wearing it, so my mom and aunt ran out to find him another one. Well, during dinner after our ceremony, my husband and I both started to feel sick and ended up in the ER with a severe flu. But we still had to drive back from Vegas, and of course, a few minutes into the drive, I started getting really sick again. My husband just looked at me with all the love in his eyes...and handed me top hat #2."


    10. "My husband and I had written our own vows and kept them a secret from each other. Well, turns out we used the exact same anecdote from our first date, worded almost identically!"


    11. "I knew when at my cousin's wedding, his bride looked a little uncomfortable right before the vows. He whispered something to her, and she nodded. Then they both sat at the edge of the stage, she took her heels off, and they finished the rest of the ceremony sitting on the edge of the stage together."

    "It was so them, and so special to see them so comfortable with each other."


    12. "I knew my friend and her husband would last forever when she was diagnosed with breast cancer right before her wedding. She told her fiance´ that he didn't have to go through with it, and he said, 'I'm marrying you, not your breasts.'"

    "They're expecting their first child soon, and I hope he turns out like his dad."


    13. "I knew when my cousin's husband used a bobby pin she once left at his apartment that he saved as his tie tack."


    —DeeDee Byers, Facebook

    14. "When my husband proposed, I was adamant that I didn't want him to buy a ring. So he proffered up a handmade ring which had been recycled from scrap silver jewelry his grandmother made and an aquamarine from a single earring I had from my grandmother, who had just died. It was completely free, environmentally-friendly, and a perfect illustration of the two of us binding together into one family."


    15. "I knew my husband and I would last when we both starting tearing up during our vows. I saw him in tears and he saw me in tears, and we just giggled our way through the rest of the ceremony."


    "It's been 23 years, and I can't imagine living without him. He stayed with me in circumstances anyone else would have bailed on and no one would blame them, including when I was permanently paralyzed in 2014. He cleans me up, changes my diapers, gets me dressed and in my wheelchair, he cooks, cleans, shops, and does the laundry. All the things I used to do, he has stepped up to take care of because I physically can't. Most men would have run for the hills. He stayed."


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    Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.