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19 Married People Who Didn't Know These Were Fails Until Their Spouses Laughed Like Hell At Them

To love, to cherish, to laugh like hell at.

1. This husband, who misunderstood his wife's grocery list in a major way:

She said get pads with wings... now she’s mad 🤷🏾‍♂️

Twitter: @royisthatruth

2. This wife, who has a hilariously infuriating way of eating Oreos:

3. This husband, who got a little too creative with the extra pizza toppings:

4. This wife, whose Valentine's Day gift didn't turn out as she'd hoped:

5. This husband, who learned the hard way that "free" always comes at a price:

6. This wife, who seems a bit conflicted on how exactly welcome guests are to her home:

7. This husband, who grabbed what he thought were two bedtime tea bags...but he was wrong, so wrong:

8. This spouse, who tried baking their husband a character birthday cake, and, well:

9. This wife, who is no longer in charge of buying cat toys:

10. And this wife, who is no longer in charge of buying anything at all:

11. This husband, who opened the cheese — which has a resealable opening — like this instead:

12. This husband, who has a hysterically strange way of eating burritos:

13. This spouse, who eats cranberry sauce like this:

14. This husband, who misunderstood his spouse's instructions:

15. This wife, who eats oranges like this:

16. This husband, who isn't the best at putting leftovers in the fridge:

17. This husband, who thought tying a dog poop bag to his luggage to help identify it was a good idea:

18. This spouse, who did, well, this:

19. And finally, this husband, who just didn't get it, but I'm so, so glad he didn't: