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    Kristen Bell's Kids Are The Only Ones Not Obsessed With Her In "Frozen 2", And It's Adorably Funny

    "I cannot sing around the house under any circumstances," Kristen tells BuzzFeed.

    You all know Kristen Bell β€” multitalented film and TV actor and one of the most charmingly real moms on the internet ever.

    Well, I sat down with Kristen at the Baby2Baby and Tiny Prints holiday event last week to chat about motherhood, how she handles holiday stress, and β€” of course β€” that Frozen 2 Kristoff monster ballad we're all going gaga over.

    Baby2Baby provides kids 0-12 who are living in poverty with basic necessities like diapers and clothing, and has provided over 70 million items to children in homeless shelters, hospitals, and domestic violence programs.

    Kristen, congratulations on Frozen 2 breaking all kinds of records. What do your kids think about it β€” are they as obsessed with the Frozen movies as the rest of us are?

    But don't they know you're Anna, and that gives you extra "cool mom" points?

    Speaking of Anna, you probably know about the obsession we all have with Anna and Kristoff's relationship β€” and Kristoff's ballad β€” in the new movie. What is it about their dynamic that you think resonates so strongly with people?

    We know the holiday season can be hectic, especially for parents. What's your hack for handling the stress of the holidays as a busy, working mom?

    Lastly, we all love how authentic you and your husband are on social media. What do you think it is about you two that resonates so strongly with the online community?

    So is it safe to say, then, that Kristen Bell's life is not quite perfect?

    Thanks for keeping it all the way real with us, Kristen. In our book, you get allllll the cool mom points.