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    17 Kids Who Sent Some Seriously, Seriously Funny Texts To Their Parents

    "I miss you. I love you. Poop."

    1. This kid, whose texts are very, very direct:

    2. This kid, whose autocorrect failed him:

    3. This kid, who has no interest in small talk:

    4. This kid, whose real-time updates are realer than yours:

    kmahvan / Via

    5. This kid, who probably meant to say "craving":

    6. This kid, whose definition of urgency is slightly different than his mom's:

    7. And this kid, who may have made the most adorable text fail ever:

    elizag88 / Via

    8. This kid, who gives compliments in the cosmetics aisle:

    9. This kid, who has all the dad jokes:

    10. This kid who is desperate, really desperate:

    11. This kid, whose threats are totally and completely empty:

    raeonix / Via

    12. This kid, who knows how to get her mom's attention:

    heatherebd / Via

    13. This kid, whose comedic sense is way beyond her years:

    shutupmoose / Via

    14. And this kid, whose sense of humor isn't:

    lutefiskcurry / Via

    15. This kid, who misses their mom like, a lot:

    mkb1119 / Via

    16. This kid, who knows exactly how to express their feelings:

    17. And this kid, who's still working on it:

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