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14 Kids Who Embarrassed Their Parents Within An Inch Of Their Lives

Bless these poor, hilariously embarrassed parents.

1. This kid, who mistook his mom's sanitary product for a juice bottle and packed it in his lunch for school:

2. This kid, who stumbled upon her parents' vibrating penis ring and brought it to school:

3. This kid, who didn't choose her words very carefully:

*5 yo on her kindergarten Zoom class* Teacher: "So what do you do before joining our Zoom class?" 5yo: "My mommy hits me and says 'do good!" Me, no make-up, bagel crumbs on my face, unexpectedly joining the Zoom class: "SHE MEANS I HIGH FIVE HER HAND!!!"

4. This kid, who threw up on their mom and left a seriously funny stain:

Facebook: ashleyannscott

5. This kid, who was a little too honest on a school assignment:

6. This kid, who drew a "unicorn horn" on her school drawing in a curious place:

7. And this kid, who wore this pin to kindergarten and then asked her teacher, Pastor Tom, to read it:

8. This kid, who got a head start on someone else's birthday cake:

9. This kid, who put their mom's dating habits on blast:

10. This kid, whose mispronunciation left her mom mortified:

No one: Not a damn soul: My 4-year-old in Target, at the top of her lungs: MY MOM LOVES TO EAT REESE’S PENIS!

11. This kid, who got ahold of their dad's beard trimmer at the barbershop and did this:

12. These kids, who gave an anatomy lesson in the last place their mom wanted them to:

I was out with my sons and my youngest started crying because he wanted a box of tampons thinking it was candy. My middle son yelled, ‘Those aren’t candy, they’re TAMPONS for Mommy’s WIENER!’ My oldest screamed, ‘Mommy doesn’t have a WIENER she has a VAGINA!’ Wear a condom

13. This kid, who complimented and maybe insulted his teacher at the same time:

14. And this kid, who probably should have made sure the Zoom mic was off before accepting a little help from Mom:

Whispering a quiz answer to my kid. Didn’t know the zoom mic was on. Teacher said “you’re mom is right” #IGotBusted