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17 Times Living With Kids Was Really, Really Funny

Their comedic genius is real.

1. This kid, who made Barbie a purse to match her outfit:

ntbltfrtheburbs / Via

2. This kid, who drew this very accurate representation of their mom:

alessadel / Via

3. This kid, who posed Spiderman giving an, um, helping hand:

momma_britt0814 / Via

4. This kid, who tried to use scented markers and a fan to make their own room freshener:

karinarudmann / Via

5. And this kid, who tried to scam the tooth fairy:

trethaconaway_evolvegan / Via

6. This kid, who made this curious set-up for a hangout with his friends:

crownv1183 / Via

7. This kid, who may have misunderstood the question:

mackie77 / Via

8. This kid, whose placement of the word "smell" was a tad unfortunate for a birthday card:

9. This kid, who was upset with her family, and showed up to dinner like this:

katewalling / Via

10. And this kid, who's pretty sure she knows why she would be "wanted" in the West:

geeky_crystal / Via

11. This kid, who was thirsty, like really thirsty:

kristin_perfectlyimperfect / Via

12. This kid, whose spelling error trash-talked her entire family:

kydolph / Via

13. This kid, who knows where all the shoes belong:

surrenderadventurer / Via

14. This kid, who decided to be his own valentine:

wilkedeau / Via

15. This kid, who wrote this resume while looking for a side gig:

macdonald2886 / Via

"I'm an 11-year-old boy, so don't go crazy!"

16. This kid, who wanted to charge her phone:

followusmummy / Via

17. And this kid, whose spelling error might just be my favorite mistake ever:

Joey Philpott Bird / Via Twitter: @joeypbird

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