19 Kids Who Eat So Weirdly They Left Their Parents Hysterically Confused

    Whose kids are these?

    1. This kid, who eats his hot dogs like this:

    2. This kid, who goes straight for the center of the pizza:

    3. This kid, who deconstructs her grilled cheese sandwich before she eats it:

    4. This kid, who eats apples like this and makes no apologies:

    5. This kid, who doubles up when she feels like it:

    6. This kid, who eats entire stacks of Ritz crackers...at the same time:

    7. This kid, who does a little dabbling into his chocolate chip cookie:

    8. This kid, who has a unique way of eating a cheese stick:

    9. This kid, who makes her own banana-eating rules:

    A half-peeled banana with random bites along it lengthwise, held in someone's hand

    10. And this kid, who makes his own rules on how to eat a burrito:

    11. This kid, who eats bread like this:

    12. This kid, who cuts pieces out of the middle of his crepes:

    13. This kid, who eats her strawberries like this:

    14. This kid, who is more of a nugget nibbler, really:

    15. This kid, who only eats the outside of his slice of pizza:

    16. This kid, who eats his toast like this:

    17. This kid, who eats Lunchables like this:

    18. This kid, who makes his own rules about how to eat a sausage:

    19. And this kid, who makes his own rules about eating just about everything: