17 Kids Who Left Me Confused, Bewildered, And Laughing Until My Sides Hurt

    They're random and they don't care who knows it.

    1. This kid, who insisted that their mom take the "crust" off their Uncrustables:

    2. This kid, who sets up their dolls — headless — like this on the side of the bathtub:

    3. This kid, who made this "Me Doll" of nightmares:

    4. This kid, who loves pickles-and-butter sandwiches:

    5. This kid, who stores their dolls without their heads on:

    6. This kid, who requested a "carrot-only" taco for dinner:

    7. This kid, who put boobs on his ghost craft:

    8. And this kid, who eats onions like they're apples:

    9. This kid, who leaves her Barbie dolls upside down in toilet paper rolls:

    10. This kid, who prefers to slice their banana bread like this:

    11. This kid, who used clay to make "Poop Man":

    12. This kid, who wanted a Tom Selleck cake for her birthday:

    She is 3 yrs old and wanted s Tom Selleck cake for her birthday! #MyKidIsWeird

    13. This kid, who prefers her Froot Loops on a bed of spinach:

    14. And this kid, whose parents have to draw Paul Stanley from Kiss on all of her sandwiches so she'll eat them:

    15. This kid, who likes to look at her own photos really, really close up:

    16. This kid, who likes to drink cola out of condiment cups:

    17. And this kid, whose weirdness turns into savageness when he's having a bad day: