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    17 Kids Who Are So Dangerously Smart, Their Parents Couldn't Even Try To Keep Up

    Whose genius kid is this?

    1. This kid, who created his own business cards:

    2. This kid, who knows how to engineer chaos perfectly:

    3. This kid, who came up with the invention we didn't know we needed:

    4. This kid, who has all of the witty comebacks:

    Me: Thank you for being my son. Son: I didn’t really have a choice. -way to ruin a sweet moment, kiddo

    Twitter: @Desert_Musings

    5. This kid, who has a deep understanding of the household pecking order:

    6. This kid, who is a savage genius if ever there was one:

    7. This kid, who taught their parents how to live with the unexpected:

    8. And this kid, who has all the clever solutions to life's problems:

    Me: How’s your foot, buddy? 4: It still hurts. Me: What would help? 4: Maybe donuts? We need to try or we won’t know. This kid gets it.

    Twitter: @momsense_ensues

    9. This kid, who masters the art of repurposing things:

    10. This kid, who knows how to hit her dad where it hurts:

    11. This kid, who drew this hilariously accurate drawing:

    12. This kid, who is a straight-up future business mogul:

    Just drove past a little boy with a lemonade stand. I wasn’t going to stop but he looked at me and deadass started miming himself throwing a lasso at my car and pulling me in. I didn’t have a choice, it’s a lawless land out here in the West but now I have lemonade

    Twitter: @BernardScrambls

    13. This kid, who made these fortune tellers of decreasing size:

    14. This kid, who told their parents there was "water coming from the laundry room," and:

    15. This kid, who is hilariously clever with their schoolwork:

    16. This kid, who knew just how to label their parents' bedroom:

    17. And this kid, who came up with a brilliant way to try to get out of going to school and basically made legend status:

    11-year-old: Tomorrow we can dress up as a character for school. Me: Who do you want to dress up as? 11: Harry Potter under the cloak of invisibility. Me: You still have to go to school.

    Twitter: @XplodingUnicorn

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