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    50 Seriously Cool Kids Gifts You Can't Go Wrong With This Holiday Season

    Kid tested, mom approved.

    Hi — I'm Asia, I'm a mom of 7-year-old twin daughters, and I know how stressful holiday shopping can be for parents — trying to narrow down what fits in your budget, and trying to meet things your kids love with things that won't drive you wild, LOL.

    the writer and her twin daughters

    Well, my girls and I did a little research on what gifts are really worth it, and here are some of the gifts we've all loved this year, in hopes to make your shopping a little bit easier:

    1. A Power Your Fun Robo Pets Robot Unicorn (or puppy!) for the kid who's been asking for a pet all year.

    2. A Ryan's World Giant Mystery Egg for fans of the uber-successful YouTuber.

    3. A Gummy Candy Lab for the kid who loves a sweet chemistry experiment!

    the gummy candy lab packaging

    4. A Lunii Storyteller for screen-free storytime.

    5. A three-string Loog Mini Guitar for your budding rockstar!

    a red guitar

    6. A WeCool Social Studio for the aspiring content creator.

    a set that has a tool to hold a phone and film the slime making process

    7. If your kid's into slime, this Mega Slime Kit & Putty Lab will keep them busy for a while.

    the slime kit

    8. A KidKraft Ultimate Elite Play Kitchen for your aspiring chef, or just any kiddo who loves a good game of pretend!

    the play kitchen

    9. A Hands Free Hover Drone Set, perfect if you're looking for a great gift siblings can play with together.

    a child playing with drone toys

    10. A Britannica Kids' Encyclopedia for tech-free educational fun.

    11. If you have LOL Surprise doll lovers in your home, you can't go wrong with an LOL Surprise OMG House.

    the LOL dolls party house

    12. And if your kids, like mine, are missing the Disney Parks like crazy, get them the Jungle Cruise Adventure Game to bring some of that magic home.

    13. Melissa & Doug Examine and Treat Vet Play Pet Set for the future veterinarian in the family.

    a vet kit with a plush dog and at and an array of vet tool toys

    14. Osmo Creative Kit for iPad for your artistic kiddo.

    the creative starter kit

    15. A hover board electric scooter with a built-in Bluetooth speaker.

    a pink hover board

    16. Bill Nye's VR Science Kit for a virtual trip to the coolest — and most nostalgic — science lab!

    bill nye on the packaging for the lab toy

    17. A Baby Yoda plush toy from The Mandalorian because, Baby Yoda.

    18. A Tobi Smartwatch to help kiddos learn to tell time.

    19. A shirt from Piccolina to celebrate trailblazing women.

    20. A Itty Bitty Pretty's Tea Party playset for super-cute tea party fun.

    21. An avid reader will love What Should Darla Do? and/or What Should Danny Do? books, which teach kiddos the power to choose.

    22. A Smarty PAD for a cool educational experience for your preschooler.

    23. A super-cute pair of faux fur sneakers for the winter from Blowfish Malibu Shoes for your fashionista-in-training.

    tan sneakers with faux fur on the inside

    24. A Cara & Co Kids Bead Kit for your crafty kiddo.

    25. Dogman Cubles — they'll adore these if they love the Dogman comic books.

    3d paper versions of a police dog, a taco, and cat

    26. A Colgate MAGIK Smart Toothbrush to make dental hygiene fun.

    the playful yellow toothbrush

    27. A pack of stretch-and-sniff hair ties for your '80s-loving kiddo.

    28. An outdoor baseball and tennis ball pitching machine with remote control bat for your junior athlete.

    the pitching machine

    29. BFF Bright Fairy Friends your kid will love if they like all things fairies and light up toys.

    30. And if your kid is into getting fancy, get some non-toxic scented nail polish for your little future glamazon.

    an array of nail polishes

    31. A Room of Requirement Lego set, for the Harry Potter-obsessed kiddo.

    the harry potter legos

    32. The game Hasty Baker for at-home family fun trying to complete recipes before anyone else does!

    33. A Slackers Ninjaline Intro Ninja Warrior Kit for fans of American Ninja Warrior Junior.

    the kit to set up a ninja line at home

    34. A Smart Buddies coding toy, which teaches kids basic programming skills in a totally fun way.

    35. A set of sticky tabs from Ooly for easy — and super cute! — schoolwork organization.

    the note pals packaging

    36. A Constellation Map Night Light for the kiddo who likes constellation gazing.

    37. A stainless steel Rainbow Child's Dinner Set to make dinner colorful and fun!

    an iridescent bowl, cutlery, cup, and dish

    38. A few Be Amazing! Snow Pets for the kid who can't do without an unboxing surprise.

    an array of snow pet toys

    39. 5 Minute Really True Stories for Bedtime for the kid who loves reading nonfiction.

    40. A gorgeous African wax print dress from Elisamama, perfect if your kiddo loves to twirl.

    41. A cute pair of kids' headphones for kids who are doing remote learning — or just having some screen time!

    blue over the ear headphones

    42. A set of Carrera Slot Cars for the kiddo who loves racing cars.

    43. A