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15 Hilarious Kids Who Are So Brutally Honest You'll Need Ice For The Burn

Kids – keeping us humble since birth.

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1. Kids can't help but to keep it all the way one-hundred with you.

Louise Allain / Via Twitter: @annaclarkk

2. They let you know when you need to change.

3. And when you need to tan.

Jenny Konvicka / Via Twitter: @jennymarieK

4. They're totally open about their feelings for you:

Justin Anderson / Via Twitter: @jandy23452345

5. And they don't let you get away with damn near anything:

Lo-Va Scotia / Via Twitter: @LizzieDurrett_1

6. TBH, they're the reigning kings and queens of the backdoor compliment:

Samantha Edwards / Via Twitter: @SEIllustrations

7. They know the details make the difference.

Lizzie Durrett / Via Twitter: @LizzieDurrett_1

8. They're like little mirrors, really:

Torrey Rowell / Via Twitter: @TorRowell

9. And if they sound harsh, it's only because they care:

christie harrow / Via Twitter: @surfgrlcoco

10. They let you know when you're the butt of the joke.

Anna Clark / Via Twitter: @annaclarkk

11. And when you might have let yourself go a little.

Kris Redenius / Via Twitter: @redenius_kris

12. They'll never let your head get too big.

Ali Singleton / Via Twitter: @singletonali

13. They acknowledge that the apple might not fall far from the tree.

Gretchen Britt / Via Twitter: @GretchenYa

14. At the end of the day, they push you to be better.

15. And they're not afraid to say what you already know deep down to be true:

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