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    14 Weird And Creepy Kids I Just Want To Thank For Making Me Laugh

    Gotta love a weird kiddo.

    1. This kid, who eats their apples like this:

    fear_of_progression / Via

    2. This kid, who takes their water play to the next level:

    maddiegettingfit / Via

    3. This kid, who uses their doll to hold their window open:

    laugh21forty / Via

    4. This kid, who has a peculiar remedy to a no-good-very-bad day:

    pulptastic / Via

    5. This kid, who likes their dolls better all tied up:

    crystalkewl / Via

    6. And this kid, who eats ice cream like this:

    the_groger / Via

    7. This kid, who created some sort of headless Lego person society:

    practicalpoppins / Via

    8. This kid, who will go to great lengths to show you that what's hers is hers:

    9. This kid, who stores their their shoes?

    boom0914 / Via

    10. This kid, who took a bite out of a plastic holiday ornament:

    jenmeg_dillon / Via

    11. And this kid, who took a couple of bites out of a polystyrene cup:

    mrskatie_k / Via Instagram: @mrskatie_k

    12. This kid, whose method of eating chicken nuggets is a little, well, unique:

    cosmic_alchemy_designs / Via

    13. This kid, who likes to taste the tips of markers:

    tipseegypsy / Via Instagram: @tipseegypsy

    14. And this kid, who leaves her dolls hanging from the banister, just for kicks:

    aprilandersonphoto / Via

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