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    15 Kids Whose Advice Is So Random, So Honest, And So Freakin' Adorable

    "Don't ever let your Mom comb your hair when she's mad at your Dad."

    1. This kid, who has some honest thoughts about your future:

    2. This kid, who's obviously been through some things:

    3. This kid, who's not afraid to try new things:

    4. This kid, who knows when Momma needs a break:

    5. And this kid, who is totally above the petty shit:

    6. This kid, who's learned a thing or two about dating:

    7. This kid, whose logic is um...interesting.

    8. This kid, who knows how to de-stress at the end of a long day:

    9. This kid, who should definitely write a self-help book:

    10. And this kid, who may just have the answer to all our woes:

    11. This kid, who understands the perils of too much junk food...sort of:

    12. This kid, whose nightmares are really detailed:

    13. This kid, who bears a curious word of caution:

    14. This kid, who can help you save your relationship:

    15. And this kid, who is all the innocence we need today and always: