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    16 Wives Who Made Some Hysterical Mistakes That Will Follow Them Into The Next Life

    Hey, nobody's perfect!

    1. This wife, who forgot she'd stashed some leftovers in the oven, then preheated it:

    2. This wife, who made her spouse a birthday cake but forgot to get candles, so she had to use matches:

    3. This wife, who accidentally cooked the soaker pad from the meat package in the pot roast:

    4. This wife, who cut her avocado like this:

    rbrink13 / Via

    5. This wife, who doesn't exactly have a green thumb:

    6. This wife, who made her spouse a PB&J and forgot the "P":

    7. This wife, who forgot she didn't have regular tape, so she had to wrap her spouse's birthday present in this:

    8. And this wife, who accidentally shrunk her spouse's sweater in the laundry and had to repurpose it in a hilarious way:

    adrianahasaids / Via

    9. This wife, who brought home pizza...and then dropped it:

    10. This wife, whose Bundt cake didn't quite turn out right:

    11. This wife, who accidentally spilled a container of pepper into the eggs she was making:

    12. This wife, who accidentally washed and dried her spouse's swim goggles:

    13. This wife, who forgot Valentine's Day, and her spouse thought it was a joke:

    14. And this wife — and mom — who exhaustedly confused Clorox and olive oil, and sprayed olive oil all over the kitchen counters:

    15. This wife, who tried to make focaccia bread, and it turned out like this:

    16. This wife, who just couldn't get her words right:

    17. And this wife, who accidentally made the most epic brownies ever to be made:

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