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    14 Seriously Hysterical Grandparents Whose Behavior Is Begging To Be Made Fun Of

    These grandparents know not the hilarious things they do.

    1. This grandma, who wanted to play a CD, so she did this:

    2. This grandpa, who went all MacGyver to install a "ceiling fan":

    3. This grandma, who — bless her pure heart — was a little confused when she bought herself these socks:

    4. This grandpa, who was only trying to help, but:

    5. This grandma, who needed a little help opening a dishwasher pack, so she used all this:

    6. And this grandma, who went the extra mile to make sure a cockroach was dead dead:

    7. This grandma, who keeps gifts from her grandkids forever:

    8. This grandma, who knew exactly what her first email to her grandkid should be:

    9. This grandma, who has this hysterically mysterious recipe in her cookbook:

    10. This grandma, who has this hilarious bottle of Sherry in her cabinet:

    11. This grandma, who built this hysterical snowman:

    12. This grandma, who has no idea who Optimus Prime is:

    Closeup of a quote by Optimus Prime

    13. This grandma, who knows exactly who he is:

    14. And finally, this grandma, whose grandkids found this hilarious recipe after she passed and its hilarity will live on for generations to come: