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    15 Hysterical Brother Texts That Have Me Literally Holding My Sides

    No one texts quite like brothers do.

    1. Brothers. They know how to make you feel special:

    2. They support your decisions, no matter what:

    3. They share exciting things with you:

    4. They always greet you with lots of enthusiasm:

    5. They keep an eye out for your mail:

    6. They know just how to comfort you after a breakup:

    7. And they're always checking on you:

    8. Sometimes they can be a little confusing:

    9. But it's only because they're challenging you to think in new ways:

    10. And even though you don't always get along with them:

    11. You know they're always in your corner:

    12. They can sometimes be a little emo:

    13. And other times a little immature:

    14. But at the end of the day, they know you better than anyone else does:

    15. And they always, always have your best interests at heart: