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    18 Hysterically Frustrating Boyfriends Who Are So Lucky Their Partners Have Patience

    It takes a lot of patience to date these guys.

    1. This boyfriend, who — for some odd reason — did this with his ketchup and fries:

    the mcdonalds fry holder actually holding ketchup while the ketchup cup has small fries inside

    2. This boyfriend, whose partner complained about him finishing snacks and not replacing them, so he did this:

    five pieces of the snack left in the bag

    3. This boyfriend, who managed to destroy this many phones in the course of one year:

    11 broken phones

    4. This boyfriend, who eats his burgers like this:

    burger with a bun on the bottom but rice on top of the meat

    5. This boyfriend, who hung the dish towel like this, despite the hook loop:

    hole punched through the tag

    6. This boyfriend, who washed his tie in the washing machine, and this happened:

    wrinkled up tie

    7. This boyfriend, who has a hilariously infuriating way of folding socks compared to his partner's:

    pair of socks knotted together next to a normally folded pair of socks

    8. And this boyfriend, who doesn't rinse his glass between drinks or snacks, and filled it with drinking water after enjoying Oreos and milk:

    oreo crumb in a glass of water

    9. This boyfriend, who — for some reason — cuts his apples like this:

    apple cut in slivers with the peel left behind

    10. This boyfriend, who eats a Klondike bar by scooping the ice cream out of it:

    spoon scooping out the ice cream

    11. This boyfriend, who wears his socks like this:

    two different socks rolled down instead of being folded over

    12. This boyfriend, whose late-night snack came with a very, very potent smell:

    plate of brussel sprouts

    13. This boyfriend, who clearly doesn't know how to use a can opener:

    the entire top of the can coming off

    14. This boyfriend, who got stoned and cut the pizza like this:

    pizza cut in uneven triangles

    15. This boyfriend, who has a curiously infuriating way of opening bread bags:

    bag of bread ripped open in the middle

    16. This boyfriend, who told his partner he saved them half of his burrito, and meant it literally:

    burrito cut in half

    17. This boyfriend, who left his glass bottles in the freezer and this happened:

    broken glass bottles

    18. And finally, this boyfriend, who helped his partner make macarons, and he put his own twist on his contribution:

    baking sheet with macroons and one shaped like a penis